Your thoughts on the upcoming Monster Hunter movie?

Your thoughts on the upcoming Monster Hunter movie?


I’m rather conflicted.

On one hand, I’m pretty excited to see a live adaptation of Monster Hunter. I started the series just this year with World, then I went on to playing 4 Ultimate, and then Generations (Ultimate) in that order. I’ve probably spent about 500 hours total on the series, and while that may not be a whole lot by the game’s standard, and quite frankly I feel just a little burned out by it at this point, in just these few short months it has already cemented itself as another franchise to always keep my eye on.

On the other hand, we have the same guy who directed the live action Resident Evil movies directing this, Paul WS Anderson. While I haven’t watched the live action movies (at best I remember watching some of the animated movie), I heard they ranged from being okay to just straight up trash. He also directed the first live action Mortal Kombat. I was gonna say something about his wife, Milla Jovovich, because at first I thought she starred in the Underworld series, but turns out that was a different actress (Kate Beckinsale). And since I admitted that I haven’t watched the LA Resident Evil series, I can’t really say much about her acting.

I’ve seen test footage from last year of a Rathalos fighting a Gore Magala in what looked like a train station, and while it actually looked really spectacular and stunning- credit where credit is due- it also raised a few concerns for me. Why was Rathalos walking and acting like a Tigrex? Why did Gore Magala have eyes, when it’s supposed to be practically blind in its juvenile form and not have eyes until it reaches its Shagaru Magala form? Why was Gore glowing outside of its Frenzy State? Where were the thick plumes of contagious frenzy virus? HOW WAS RATHALOS ABLE TO FIGHT OFF A FUCKING ELDER DRAGON, WHAT THE FUCK? But since this is test footage and most likely not going into the final cut, I won’t et too angry over it. It did look pretty rad, though.

At first, the plot sounded like it was going to be this:

An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a Monster Hunter, before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours.” -Kotaku

But now, according to Forbes, it sounds like this is going to be our plot:

The movie’s plot centers on the leader of a UN military team named Artemis, played by Jovovich, who is transported to another realm populated by monsters. There she meets the Hunter (Jaa), with the two teaming up to close a portal to prevent monsters from attacking Earth.” -Forbes

I’m not gonna lie, but I honestly prefer the first plot over the second: I can absolutely relate to the premise. See, I work at Walmart, which is about as dead-end a job as you can possibly get. Every now and again, I would daydream, either about going home and playing the game, or about what it would be like living in the monster hunter world. the plot is still bad, I’m not gonna lie, but it gets me. I want the chance this dude would’ve gotten: to leave this boring world to go hunt a Rathalos in the other. The second plot just doesn’t resonate as powerfully with me. What frustrates me the most is, Anderson hasn’t even finished filming the damn movie, and already he’s talking about making a whole expanded universe for the movie franchise. Jesus Christ.

Now, having said all that, I do have at least a few hopes for the movie:

  • First and foremost, it gotta have palicoes. You can’t make anything Monster Hunter without palicoes.
  • At least once, I wanna see someone kill a monster, then craft armor out of its corpse parts.
  • If they’re gonna keep Gore Magala in the movie, not only do I wanna see it infect a bunch of other monsters with the frenzy virus, but I also want to eventually see it go into its Shagaru Magala form.
  • I at least wanna see one person do the Sip N’ Flex. Just one. I’ll be happy.
  • And finally, I wanna see at least one Deviljho suddenly appear from the ground and devour absolutely everything in sight.

At the end of the day, so long as there’s some great action in the movie, I guess that’s all that matters.


I totally agree with all of those hopes you have for the movie lol. 4 Ultimate was my first Monster Hunter, then World and then Generations. I’m kinda stoked that Gore Magala is in the movie, because he’s my favorite monster, but the fact it’s got people from the modern world is a little iffy for me. I saw a screenshot of a guy in his military scrubs with a gun in his hand, and I really hope that they’re gonna realize that it’s not gonna do shit to this giant monsters lol.

I’ll hold out hope for this one, just because it’s a series I adore, but video game adaptations have a constant tendency of being either okay or downright garbage. I’m hoping for at least the former.


Honestly, I’m feeling like the Monster Hunter movie will go the way of the Resident Evil movies - bad but fun to watch (if only to riff on) at best, or bad and boring at worst. Still, I feel it’d be more likely that it would wind up in the worse corner.

To begin with, we have the core concept. “People fighting against zombies and their zombie king” generally works a lot better conceptually, as we have a clear antagonist - With the Resident Evil movies I’m using as an example, we have our good guys clearly fighting against the infected and the people who wish to spread it. It’s a simple enough plot that can be further developed, and can lead to interesting creature designs and challenges to overcome, including using the lore to come up with new creative foes for fans of the series.

To contrast, we have Monster Hunter. Sure, we do have a fairly alright antagonist in the form of Gore Magala, in the sense that it’s just a wild animal with devastating powers and even a super Elder Dragon form. At the same time, that’s really the best our plot can get - just Gorey and Shaggy running around causing chaos, and our heroes having to stop it. There’s also how we can’t really expand upon the monsters used, as they have unique bodily structures meant to fill a niche in their environment and make the series’ world a living, breathing location (which was especially emphasized in the most recent entry, Monster Hunter World). About the only way to really add anything new that may catch a veteran’s eye as “oh man this is a cool thing I want to watch the movie for” is by including a new Elder Dragon, which would ape Gore’s current position as antagonist in the movie, or include some random beastie that will more likely just get unfavorably compared to the actual monsters for being uninspired (it’s this hipchecking fish, BUT RAINBOW!) or unrealistic and weak (Elder Dragons get a pass because the are both strong and mostly unexplained, and is why Kirin is one - but Kirin was always jokingly referred to as “Kelbidrome” until World due to being exceedingly weak for an Elder Dragon, much like how -drome monsters are known for being exceedingly weak “pack leader” monsters that are mostly recolored velociraptors with crests varying in design). Given we’re operating on a director known for their shoestring budget, it’s safe to say that it’s far more likely we’ll get uninspired creations.

Secondly, we have respect to source material, or rather the lack of it. I’ll be honest, I’m not into the Resident Evil series, so I don’t know what their movies do right or wrong. Already though, we can see a lot of wrong in the movie with Rathalos essentially being a Tigrex in all but appearance and name (even featuring Tigrex’s signature booming roar, in now-deleted footage), and Gore Magala having eyes why. This is before how we get into, regardless of whether we go with the first plot synopsis or the second, it’s an Isekai movie.

MONSTER HUNTER. IS. NOT. AN. ISEKAI. I can’t even begin to say how [REDACTED] of an idea this is, as there are only two ways to justify it. One, an Elder Dragon did it, pretty much apes Gore Magala in threat and makes it seem like McDonalds fries, while at the same time both being unlikely (shoestring budget director, remember?) and likely to alienate fans of Gore Magala (of which there are several, seeing as it was the mascot for the 4th generation). The other, a wizard did it, is FAR worse and disrespectful, as beyond Elder Dragons (who may or may not be magical, depending on player interpretation) THERE IS NO MAGIC IN THE MONSTER HUNTER UNIVERSE. To clarify why this is stupid, imagine a game grounded strongly in a “real world” setting such as the Oregon Trail, Grand Theft Auto, or The Sims, only all the humans in the setting can levitate and fire off lasers that freeze the ground and turn people into cotton candy “because they can” and it isn’t some easter egg thing. If you thought it was nonsensical and immersion-breaking there, it’s just as bad in Monster Hunter. It gets beyond garbage if we consider how he’s the descendant of an ancient hero, as HUNTERS ARE VERY MUCH ORDINARY PEOPLE IN A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE IS AS DURABLE AS A TANK. THEY ARE NOT “LEGENDARY HEROES.” THE CLOSEST YOU’D COME TO THAT IS KILLING AN ELDER DRAGON OR SOMETHING, AND EVEN THEN IT’S IMPLIED TO BE SOMETHING MOST OF THE BIG CHEESE HUNTERS DO ANYWAY! EVEN THEN, THEY HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER WITH OTHER HUNTERS TO KILL THEM IN-LORE! Don’t even get me started on how monsters will likely die to “just a bunch of gunfire” or “a couple whacks with a big stick” and be excessively disrespectful to the big, five-minutes-at-minimum fights that the series is built upon.

Don’t even get me started on how unrealistic “relatable americans” are either, as the main character was outright stated to be. His “dead-end job” will probably be something well-paying like Accounting or being a Doctor or something like that.

…Yeah, I really feel like the Monster Hunter movie is going to be trash