Writing for Zine - Info and Guidelines

Writing for Zine - Info and Guidelines


What is the Zine?

The Safari Zine is an extension of the Safari Zone community. Here on the Safari Zine we produce writing and art on Pokémon topics. That includes guides, news, opinions and silly stories!

What’s more, anyone can join in! For example, if you want to have a rant about that newest Pokémon GO event or anime episode, share tips on the competitive battling scene, or even just write about a cool fanwork (or share your own), we’ll be happy to host your content here!

How do I make an article for Zine?

The typical process goes like so:

  • Post the idea in a new thread here. Describe what you want to do, and any details that come to mind. The Zine staff - or anyone else interested - will discuss and figure out the finer details before it’s approved!

  • Draft the article on Zine. We’ll set you up with an account so you can draft directly on Zine (via WordPress). After you finish your draft, we’ll proofread and edit, and then hit publish!

Not keen on writing but have an idea you think would be neat to see on Zine? That’s fine too! You can pitch the ideas here - just state that you don’t want to do the writing, and anyone else who may be interested are free to volunteer to cover it.