~Writers Library: Inktober 2018~

~Writers Library: Inktober 2018~


:bat: Welcome to Safari Zone’s first Inktober event (Writer’s Library Edition!)! :bat:
We’ll be following the usual guidelines as any other Inktober; every day you’ll create a piece of writing inspired by the prompt given on that same day. You can use any medium you like!

Those who submit work for all 30 prompts will receive their choice of a Mesprit, Uxie, or Azelf adoptable! Beings of Emotion, Knowledge and Willpower to symbolize those same traits used to create art.

The event will last from October 1st to October 31st. Once it begins, that day’s current prompt will be bolded. Don’t post ahead of schedule, and don’t worry about missing a day or two of prompts! You can still make up for them as long as they’re posted before November 1st!

1. Poisonous
2. Tranquil
3. Roasted
4. Spell
5. Chicken
6. Drooling
7. Exhausted
8. Star
9. Precious
10. Flowing
11. Cruel
12. Whale
13. Guarded
14. Clock
15. Weak
16. Angular
17. Swollen
18. Bottle
19. Scorched
20. Breakable
21. Drain
22. Expensive
23. Muddy
24. Chop
25. Prickly
26. Stretch
27. Thunder
28. Gift
29. Double
30. Jolt
31. Slice

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Gonna try this along with art
Ill probs fail both but :smiley:


Woo boy, let’s give this a shot


I’m going to do something maybe a bit weird and actually use this to preview my own story, actually. I’ll note that things will be subject to change for that still, so when I actually write that out it may not match up with my prompts here :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

I’m also spoilertagging it in case people don’t want to read “parts of a greater whole” and want to see other people’s works, or just don’t want to be bugged by prompts that span the length of a page.

Day 1 - Poisonous

Redwind Part 1 - Crimsongale Preview
POV - First Person/Villis

I observed the grandiose sword that I carried with some level of apprehension. In a sense, its twisting helical form showed its curse to the average individual, in that it was essentially bound to me and would likely tear my soul from my body if I got too far away from it, leaving me little more than a despondent, empty husk. At the same time, I was effectively dooming myself for so much as touching it, as it would slowly siphon away my life regardless and eventually leave me a hollow puppet for the demoness that it was created from.

“So you’re saying ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t,’ right?” I replied. “As far as I see it, I’m suffering from some kind of magic cancer that’s eroding away at my sense of self and may turn me into some kind of mindless thrall.”

The mage merely chuckled at my reaction. I’m not sure if it was me or this cursed blade, but I wanted to impale him and then defile his body until all that remained were strips of flesh as he laughed.

“Ah, as a poison-wielder yourself, I would expect you know that there is always an antidote, as life-threatening as it may be. Even cancer can be eradicated by ingesting deadly toxins, after all.”

“Get to the point. This thing is killing me bit by bit, and I’d rather not have to gut myself so some ancient being doesn’t do whatever with my body while also showing off it’s exactly what I don’t want. Plus, it’s magic, and I don’t exactly feel my own body killing itself is something magic can do.”

“What I mean is that there is a cure. One I feel you may not enjoy, but nevertheless. And since you asked me to just tell you the nitty-gritty, I’ll go ahead and say that the cure to your issue is to kill the person who cursed your little monster-sword to be that way. Of course, I don’t know where they might be, but I do know someone who might. Now, hand me your map.”

After complying with his request, the mage looked over my map before marking a point at the base of a mountain and handing it back to me. Given where I was, it should take about two days to get there if I had to make an estimate, and that’s assuming I didn’t stop to sleep.

“Now before you leave,” said the mage suddenly. “I should tell you that I only marked that spot because that person will be traveling there for a show. I’d wager you have… about twenty-four hours before he leaves.”

Cursing angrily at my restrictive time limit, I proceeded to leave his home. I was on a strict time limit, and I absolutely needed some kind of fast transportation if I didn’t want to lose what was likely my last shot of survival.

But of course, I was an exterminator by trade, and someone always needed help. Surely, I’d be able to find the assistance I needed if I just applied my skills for the right person. And given the frazzled-looking man that suddenly appeared and stumbled forward in front of me, I might just luck out yet.

I may also get fairly metaphorical with future prompts, so it will be… interesting.


Hi, so gonna leave a few thoughts on @Wrath-o-Los’s Day 1 piece!

Not knowing the full context of this story yet, the premise holds a lot of promise. Poor Villis, sounds like they have to beat the clock indeed.

I feel you should watch out your repetition, though.

Here you have them saying their life/soul being torn away and their body hollow twice here.

Here they mention being on a time limit twice.

If you do continue to do more previews of this, I look foward to it!


Did I have a request for more previews? 'Cause I’m going to try and make every prompt one of them lol

Day 2 - Tranquil

Redwind Part 2 - Greenfrost Preview
POV - First Person/Crocia

It felt like I was asleep for a mere minute. When I woke up, I found myself exactly where I was, but everything was off in a manner I found exceedingly uneasing. The ground was green and soft. The trees were a soft shade of brown and covered in odd growths. Even the sky was strange, as it was not the putrid mix of murky colors I was familiar and oddly comfortable with. Was this what the past looked like?

My eyes darted to an avian of an unusually small size near me, issuing what I could only assume to be a siren song to try and lure in unsuspecting victims so it could kill and devour them. Even though it was facing away from me, it let loose a shrill cry and flew off when I tried to attack it with my combat knife. I prepared my rifle as it flew into the woods, but after an unusually long amount of time I was forced to conclude it fled rather than attack me. “Why” was a reason that was beyond me, unfortunately.

As I traveled through these strange lands, I found myself at an unusual ease. While I had my weapon at the ready, almost nothing seemed willing to provoke a fight with me regardless of what it was, or if it was capable of doing so. Those that did try and pick a fight with me were still smaller than what I was used to, and even then they turned tail and fled after firing off a weak warning shot with my fingers. Before I knew it myself, I had slung my weapon behind my back and slowed down slightly, consumed by the bizarre lack of danger in the wilderness.

Eventually, I came to a small stream that I could see the bottom of. I warily cupped my hands and sampled a bit of the water myself, and found it to be cool and refreshing rather than disgusting and only something to be consumed to survive. I found myself getting lost in the moment and relaxing where I was, enjoying the pleasant sounds from the wildlife. In a way, there was a unique beauty about these creatures, who merely cared about the moment and had no way of knowing what awaited them in the future.

While I had time to get my bearings for now and relax, I knew I had work to do. But despite that… I couldn’t tear myself from this almost sacred scenery I gazed upon. After what was likely hours of staring on, I found myself struggling to stand up and continue. If I recalled correctly, our base in the future was built upon the ruins of a town, and I would likely find assistance there. At the very least, I’d be able to set up this “gate,” and get additional aid from those in the future… That is, after I take some time to learn more about this time period I found myself in.

I’ll be honest, repetition is one of my issues in regards to any writing, and it’s one that I tend to struggle to catch since I trick myself with it. Regardless, that’s what editing and proofreading is for, right?


Better late than never, right?

Day 3 - Roasted

Redwind Part 3 - Greyrift Preview
POV: First Person/Lefena

I thought it was simple enough, given I saw Villis cook meals several times. At the same time… Ugh, it was so hard to learn how to roast some beef! Sure, I could eat raw meat, but he puked it back up after taking a bite and refused to eat any more, and Crocia refused to eat anything that didn’t suit her absurdly high standards. I didn’t even understand why they refused to eat anything that had maggots on them, either! Well, it’s their funeral, given they’re not getting all those nutrients from them if they don’t eat them, especially since they’re trying to recover given recent events.

After what must have been fifteen attempts, I finally managed to cook some of the meat and seemed to meet their standards in the process. When I presented it to both of them, I was met with an annoyed look from Villis as Crocia greedily devoured her portion, and I hardly understood why. Yet when I tried asking him, he didn’t bother replying and went to sleep. I wish he’d be more open about such things…

Later on, I went to his room and noticed him eating a bit of dried jerky. I sighed a bit as I sat down in the creaky chair as he kept eating and rubbed my head a bit, feeling somewhat irritated.

“Why were you so reluctant to eat my cooking?” I said, hopeful to get an answer. “Crocia ate her portion, and this time there wasn’t anything moving on top of it. Plus, you really need to have some kind of protein, given you’re currently bedridden and in a worse state than her.”

“…Your cooking is acclaimed towards a kitsune’s taste, not mine,” replied Villis. “It’s not easy for me to bite into something so chewy and pliable, and even then you tongue is nowhere near as sensitive as mine. Even our dau- Crocia has trouble determining the flavor and texture of food.”

“…Vils, is there something bothering you? You sound much more exhausted than usual, and not in the ‘I’m feeling like taking a break or going to sleep’ way. Even if you’re essentially sick, you still sound like garbage.”

“Ever since that pointless war, we’ve never heard from Garm. I know he survived and knows I’m alive… but still, it concerns me. All I know is that it’s likely going to result in something cataclysmic in the future, and in all honesty all too soon for me. Even then, I know I’ll wind up being dragged through it as well, since if he decides to go on the warpath…”

“…We’ll have to take action against him, and if he doesn’t, we’ll need to kill that freak of nature,” I finished for him, feeling somewhat awkward in turn. “…Um, you want me to try fixing something less chewy?”

We both stared at each other for a bit, even after he nodded. As I got up and prepared to make some more roasted beef, I quietly told myself not to try and hide any dead maggots in the food like I did last time, since they may have spoiled the taste of things for him.

Yes I know I’m posting this on Day 3, the issue is that I’m posting it at near-midnight times lol