Where's the hot chocolate?

Where's the hot chocolate?


Hello everyone, how are we all?

Hope everyone is doing well.




Aaaa welcome! I’m doing okay.

We already talked on the discord server about MØ- what’s your favorite song by her?

I hope you enjoy Safari Zone!


Hey Raouein and welcome to the forums :zoomeyes:

Hope you enjoy your time here and maybe I’ll see you on the battle server or discussing pokemon hehe

Also I’m doing well, hope you are as well!


Don’t Leave was the first song I heard so probably that, she does a stellar Redbone Cover with Snakehips.


Thanks :sweat_smile:

I’ll have a look at the battle server, not sure what that is yet.


ugh one of my favs <3 all of her work is amazing. I hope I see you around more!!!


Will do, tryna set this up on my phone.


Why, it’s right here :coffee:

It’s so nice to see you join us! ^^


Aww thanks Spaget


Hello! Welcome! I can make some, I would like some hot chocolate right now. :eyes:


Hi Raffee :smiley:


i love that this has the important tag
i will make u hot chocolate asap!!


Thanks Dakota :upside_down_face:

Hot choco is important!


hiyaaaa n.n welcome to SZ friend!! hope you enjoy it around here!




Hi Canas