Whats Your IRL Pokemon Nature?

Whats Your IRL Pokemon Nature?


My friend and I were talking and they did this randomly, it was odd how both of ours were accurate and I thought it was cool/fun to show everyone.

So, based on this chart:

You look at your “Favorite flavor” and “Disliked flavor” and see what your nature would be.

  • I like sour foods, but dislike bitter foods so I’m Lax.

If you don’t have a favorite or least favorite flavor, this will be a little harder for you, probably. Still, you might fit into the options presented!


I’m weird with flavors cause I have a love hate relationship with spicy. But based upon the options my favorite is spicy and my least favorite is bitter. So I guess I’m Naughty :zoomeyes:


I like Sweet and dislike Spicy, so I’m Timid! I would say that is very accurate lol


Oh my god Timid is so… so… me.


All aboard the Timid train trashmonkaS32x32


I’m beginning to feel like the people who designed this chart didn’t just threw what they felt looked good together and actually studied this to it’s very core…


Well out of the flavors I love, spicy tops for me (but srsly is dry even a flavor tho) and I hate sour foods so lets see what we have here…




It’d probably be Mild off of this chart, though personally I’d say I’m more Timid or Lonely.

What even is Mild nature tbh



gg why


Mild by nature means you’re gentle, sensitive, easygoing, etc


Interestingly stuck between mild and rash :0
Makes sense to me tho


Naughty :fufu: