What got you into Pokemon?

What got you into Pokemon?


My mother just informed me recently that I was into Pokemon as young as three years old when I tried to dig into my siblings’ TCG collection. I remember none of this but I’m shocked to know that I was into it at that age.


Back in 2nd grade our school had a thing where you could bring in random things to sell. I saw a Blue gameboy game, so I bought it for less than a dollar iirc. That was Pokemon Blue and I hooked from there.


Watching kids play it in kindergarden lol. I was a sucker for peer pressure. We were all super into the cards too.


My older brother had some gbas that he let my sister and I borrow to play Pokemon. I played Sapphire and my sister had Fire Red.
This was back when the Nintendo ds lite was released and we all soon upgraded to play the gen 4 games. The secret bases in Gen 4 was the best, loved digging for Fossils und other artifacts.

Recently got back into it with ultra moon as I am now interested in the battle mechanics/stats and whatnot.


Oh man, I was 3 years old when Pokémon Yellow came out. Playing it helped me to learn how to read and I’ll never forget those memories I have, haha. I also watched the anime around the same time.


Boring answer but I got hooked on it via Pokemon GO. I also started watching the anime around the same time after seeing some funny clips.


First anime i loved when i was a kid watching them fighitng and making Friends
After some years i wanted to have pokemons too so i buyed pokemon firered that was my first game
For me a pokemon team is like a family i weak or strong for me are same ;3