What got you into Pokemon?

What got you into Pokemon?


So I thought that, while this site is new and growing, I bring in a worthwhile discussion that should help with this as well, that I haven’t seen yet.

What got you into Pokemon?

For me, it all started one fateful Christmas in 2002. Under the tree, there was a box-shaped present for me, and when I opened it, it contained a Game Boy Advance, and a copy of Super Mario World and Pokemon Ruby. The moment I started playing Ruby, I was hooked despite the fact I did get stuck at a lot of points due to not knowing what to do or even what some words meant.


The TV is what got be into pokemon, ahahah.

At my grandma’s house, we watch Island of the Giant Pokemon and Bye Bye Butterfree and I loved it even though those are some really weird episodes. Soon, we GameBoy Colors with Pokemon Blue and Red, me and my sister!


Yeah I too got into Pokemon from the anime, didn’t get into the games until Saphhire/Ruby actually.

There was also a short period where I would collect the trading cards, but I stopped that around the time the cards began showing off the Johto Pokemon.


I actually got some cards for my birthday or maybe it was christmas once? Anyways I really liked the designs (the art was amazing omg) and I got into having “battles” with my neighbors. He played the videogames and lent me his Gameboy once where I could play leafgreen with a new save and young me just loved it!

Afterwards, I played the games vigorously buying my own systems and a copy of every game. I played with the trading cards and got a decent sized collection over 2 years, but I eventually stopped before I found the anime. Since then I’ve played every game up to US/UM and I’ve watched the Anime up till 20 episodes back (I’ve fallen behind rip).


I got into Pokémon because of the anime and the Pokémon Mystery Dungeons games, which I played with some of my friends occasionally and never paying attention to the fact that the series was indeed a spin-off of an even bigger videogame. Soon enough, I found myself playing Pokémon daily, sharing a lot of my thoughts and experiences on foreign forums.


I had gotten Pokémon Yellow from either my grandma or my aunt whose son was into Pokémon for Christmas 1999. I gave a strange look when I tore off the gift wrap to see a Pokémon game inside, since I didn’t care for Pokémon at the time, but I was told that I would like the game.

Needless to say, after I got home and loaded the game into my Game Boy Color (which I had gotten from my mom along with Super Mario Bros. Deluxe early that morning), I was hooked nearly instantly.

In the days that followed, I also made it a point to check out the anime via Kids’ WB. At that point, as they say, the rest is history. :slight_smile:


My cousins brought their games over and one of them let me start a new file on Red. I named myself and my rival Alex, which was quite funny because I didn’t understand at the time what I had done.


My first experience was in 2001 when my cousin showed me he was playing Pokemon Yellow and it was training his team up to level 100.
Later that year I got my GB Color Pokemon special with Pokemon Gold and Crystal (I think it was that year), Mario Land 3 and Zelda Oracle of Seasons. It was a great Christmas, not going to lie. Some years later I got Sapphire and my GBA SP Limited edition as well, I wish I didn’t lose that, it was precious…


For me it was the anime, does anyone remember those old sticker books you could get a few years back? They had a bunch of empty spaces and you bought packs of stickers that you had to match up to fill them in, but I digress. I adored the show and got a sticker book based on it… My mother and I had all the stickers but one and to this day it tortures us.

When I was a little older I got my first game, fire red, from then on I was hooked and I’ve never fully lost interest since.


For me when I was in primary school back in 1997 I’m always seeing my teacher playing this non colored game I was curious then I’ve asked him what is he playing he says it’s Pocket Monsters he let me played his Gameboy(My teacher was so cool), and it was a great game I feel that there is a special connection between me and the game but I don’t know what is it, and I’ve asked my father to buy me a Gameboy and a Pokemon Red cartridge and since my father bought me the game me and my teacher has been playing while we were on Lunch breaks and free times that got me into Pokemon we were playing until the third generation on 2004 he passed away due to heart disease and I have vowed to play those games in remembrance of my friend…


When I was around 5 years old I used to watch Pokemon on TV. Later when I was 10 years old, my Uncle gifted me a Gameboy Advance and while scrolling through the game list I found a familiar name ‘Pokemon’ FireRed and Ruby. Ever since then I was hooked to my GBA console. One day unfortunately it broke and that’s when I started emulating games and I played all the games I could find. Last year in February (Feb 14 to be precise) I found Pokemon Showdown and PokeCommunity. The journey was fun…


a friend introduced me to Emerald in February 2015 lol


My parent’s bought me a copy of Pokémon Diamond when I was in 3rd/4th grade (so about 8 or 9 years ago if I’m 18 now), and I fell in love instantly! The nostalgia is hitting me so hard right now.


I got into Pokemon by watching the anime, even before it was officially a thing. Like, they ran a teaser episode (The Battle on the St. Anne) a month before they started running the show from episode one, and I was hooked on the series from the start. I got into the TCG really early too, since I had to get a Butterfree card imported before the Jungle Set came out, and that was summer 1999.

I didn’t even get into the games until later on, as the first one I owned was Gold. I remember walking into Walmart and seeing the special Game Boy bundles with Pokemon Yellow, and wanting it so bad, though.


For me, it was because I saw my friends trading cards and I got curious, I bought some and in fact, I still have some of them. I actually remember they got banned in school eventually because they were too distracting for us lol. Anyways, I got a DS in 2008, then I got Platinum and I got my very first Pokemon: Turtwig!
And that’s how it all began.


I think it was the TCG or the Anime that got me into Pokemon… I know my siblings were into Pokemon before I was and they used to collect a fuckton of TCG so it was probably a mix of both. I definitely know the anime was a further influence on getting me hooked, though!


My cousins. I lived with my aunt and uncle for a while, and my cousins really loved Pokémon. We watched the OS anime together, but I didn’t get to play the games until when I got Sapphire for Christmas. I was 8 back then, iirc.


From when I was a young child, it was always something I thought was cool but never knew how to play, even when I got to like 9 years old, I still just could not get past the first gym or so because I didn’t understand how to play. It took walkthroughs and let’s plays to really get me into the franchise. So I’d say it was YouTube content creators and also the early anime.


For me it all really kicked off with Pokémon Colosseum. My first game was Sapphire, and I loved the game, but Colosseum is what turned my enjoyment of one game into adoration for an entire franchise. Sadly they haven’t been able to pull out another game like it, XD aside.

I’ve never seen much of the anime, but the first movie still makes me cry lol, but it didn’t get me into the franchise. Tbh I don’t even remember how I came across Sapphire, but I do remember my dad bought home the gamecube with a demo for Colosseum on it and that’s where I thought Pokémon was the coolest thing ever


Although I literally grew up with pokemon (as in it was one of the few game boy games I had when I was very young), the one game I’d say defined my interest in the series would be Pokemon Stadium 2, both for the focus on the battles and the minigames starring assorted species suited to said minigames.