What gift are you hoping to get for the holidays this year?

What gift are you hoping to get for the holidays this year?


Tell me your secrets.

I’m hoping to get Let’s Go Pikachu/The World Ends With You, game-wise, or a cool jacket to deck out with pins.


Money as extra help with bills…LMAO But Detective Pikachu if not money


Smash Ultimate is pretty much the only one that’s remotely modern.

Second-most modern would be a copy of Etrian Odyssey 3, given I still somehow don’t own one yet


Holiday secrets, night edition :eyes:

We’ve actually gotten a lot of devices and stuff in our family recently, so despite everyone talking about what games they’d like to get for Christmas, I’m probably not going to be in the market for anything new, unfortunately… if I were to, I still have my heart set on Celeste because it’s a beautiful game with an amazing soundtrack :fufu: although, that implies that implies I need to get a Switch first, and that’s quite a bit further away…

It’s funny that you mention a new jacket… just last weekend, I lost the sweatshirt I’ve been using on and off for the last three years or so of high school ._. So I’m actually keen to look for a new jacket in the new future myself! I’ve been using a rain jacket for now, because that works with the weather, but if I can I’d like to maybe get something that isn’t a hoodie for once when the season ends. I think I’ll try to get on the hunt for that soon though because those Christmas sales are pretty good if you’re looking!


I just want…more vacation time from work lmao

other than that, I would like some new cookware. Mine is pretty rusted and dirty


My brother got me a new laptop the other day already as an early Christmas gift! Happy with not getting anything else.


Money, a PS Vita, Smash, Persona 4, Freedom Wars, a few books… Who knows if I’ll get it all but I will hope :stuck_out_tongue: