What do you want to see on SZ?

What do you want to see on SZ?


There’s a side bar on the right of the messages and you can just click on the top of it to go to the beginning. Ah, you can also click on the date on above that same bar to go up or down.


You can also do so on mobile: there will be a box at the bottom that scrolls with you, hit that and you can select which post (and therefore get back to the top) you want to go to


So like I don’t know if this is a thing that I’m just missing, but can you color text with one of the buttons in the text editor as of yet? Because though I am able to do so with span and div not all members know or want to mess with that. Same with
fonts, and
text size.


Font size is just a [SIZE=“number”][SIZE] jobby and the same with colour (you can I believe insert hex values as well?)


That’s nice, but it’d be nice to have it in the actual text editor as an icon hehe