What do you want to see on SZ?

What do you want to see on SZ?


Blogs? Let’s be adults and add dislikes too


Why do we need upvotes or downvotes though? Are we really that content heavy that we need to “filter” out things? If you like something, say it in the topic, that’s why discussion is for. If you dislike it, also say it in the topic. If you just want to acknowledge the post without saying it, like it. If a topic is popular, it goes to the top because it gets a reply. Though, you can even already view different kinds of filter at the top, I just don’t.

We chose a platform called “discourse”. We should focus on having discourse about things, instead of making button responses instead imo.


all that copying reddit’s system will accomplish is people pointing and laughing at the forum trying to copy reddit

i’m personally in favour of a like/dislike system but that’s it. just like/dislike. don’t need to add more mechanics to it because a popular site does it too.


I’d be interested in blogs (done right) or something like status updating, like many newer, more modern forums opt for on the side (most have both). This also fits in well with the new more social direction we’re trying to take the forum in.

Re: dislikes, I was initially against it on the basis it could be abused, but it’s like anything else really. If something is abused, we can just step in and undo that. So I’m now currently +1 for dislikes.

Right now I don’t have many additional points to add — I think some of these ideas are fantastic and on top of the other ones already in the works, SZ is looking exciting and dynamic and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!


Why not reacts like on Facebook? There’s more than two emotions. :slight_smile:


This would be cute!


That’s something I thought as well! If there were going to be upvotes/downvotes, it should be to express feelings on subjects succinctly that maybe you can’t in a comment right now, and up or down doesn’t describe that. Giving maybe 5 feelings.

I don’t actually want this or downvotes to be honest, but I’d rather have emotion reactions over up/downvotes.


This seems like a great idea! I don’t see the point in downvotes to be honest because why would you down vote anything unless you disagree with what they’re saying? Which with things on the forum you can weigh in with polls and with individual opinions you can reply and give your own thoughts instead of just down voting. But, if it is something that is wanted I would like options for Like, Dislike, Love, Haha and Angry if possible because i think if we’re going to give reactions without actually giving opinions we might as well have a greater variety instead of just positive and negative :3


Something minor, but with all the stats being tracked on profile pages, I would love to see another one for the amount of times you have voted in a poll.


Downvotes would be nice if they did what is their purpose (disiking comments that don’t contribute to the discussion or fake info) but they are mostly used as a “i disagree” button which encourages circlejerking and hivemind mentality ie: reddit.
So yeah, downvotes arent a great Idea.


I agree that the hivemind-scrutiny aspect is negative. However, if the posts were held to be contrary to what should be on the forum, then they could typically be reported. The same goes for spam. You could also call them out on it in a post, if you considered what they were saying untrue - there is often a lot of controversy about it, or the potential for misunderstanding. There might be options which are more directed towards benevolent ‘mini-modding’ than down-votes.


I’m a bit iffy on downvotes.

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with downvotes as a concept. But the problem lies in the fact that communities that have never had exposure to such a system before would take this a lot harder; just imagine the number of complaints from people who feel like they’ve gotten an unfair downvote and imagine dealing with that for the long-term.

Sure, you could them to suck it up and deal with it if the downvotes are legitimate, but the old reputation system on PokeCommunity wasn’t discontinued because the majority hated it, it was discontinued because of the continuous complaints that wouldn’t stop coming.

This is really something to keep in mind if we plan on implementing downvotes.


It didn’t work on PC, but it worked on other sites and this is a brand new community, if there was ever a time to expose them to that system, it’s now.

The pros to downvotes are the randos that downvote random posts, but the pros of having people thinking twice about being assholes or seeing repercussions for their posts outweigh that small downside of random downvoting.


-A Ninetales theme.

-A badge for birthday celebrations, though this may cross over with the anniversary thing too


Honestly downvotes just seem like an unnecessary function. In the mafia and RP sections we can’t rearrange by votes for obvious reasons and in areas where you can, disliked posts will naturally fall lower than those receiving upvotes anyway. There’s already repercussions for poor behaviour too. So what’s the point really?


No, there are many shitty attitudes that aren’t punished by the staff. You don’t get punished for being condescending or for trying to be a smartass. There’s a reason why the system is in reddit, if you can’t see why, think harder.

See, you could downvote me for that last line.


I could but that’s pretty tame for you :wink:
Anyway it’s a fair point so I’ll think on it some more before commenting again.


btw, ability to choose username colors would be cool imo


that would take a bit of work but eventually i want to work it in with better profile/usercard/postbit customization. it’s on the list just not near the top at the moment.


I don’t know if it’s been suggested already or if it exists and I missed it, but a jump to top button would be godly.