What do you want to see on SZ?

What do you want to see on SZ?


Hey we only have a button to like posts what if we also have the unlike button,
And also I am too much often to the SZ games and the problem is there we cannot comment on what he said, can we have a comment system there.

I know this is a weird wish <3


And also we need the SCIENCE category, without it my online life looks like a dirty blanket


However, I’m a bit skeptical of an online Pokedex incorporated into the Zine. Well not skeptical, but more questioning its necessity? Not that it wouldn’t be cool, but how would it set itself apart from other online Pokedex’s?

Ah! Well, rest assured the aim will be for it to differ to the sorts you find on Serebii/Bulba/Veekun, etc. Hint: it’s not going to be primarily about location, level up information, etc. However, first we actually need the Zine set up, and some further progress made on planning. When there’s more progress on that there’ll be a public thread about it. =)


Honestly, I’d quite like to see the return of signatures. Since my art really is focused around signatures, I’d like for it to see some use here.

I’m also a +1 for catching a pokemon in a safari zone hack and using them as adoptables that grow as you engage on the site, that sounds like such a cute and motivating way to get people posting.

A personal tweak, but if likes could be changed for upvotes and downvotes, especially in discussion and opinion based topics, and then topics could be sorted by most upvotes, that would be great for being able to see what ideas are popular for example in rps and seeing what responses to art are most widely liked or agreed upon. It would be a great organisational tool.


Yes I would love to see signatures here. Just some more options for personalisation!


On ‘dislike’ options, that can be quite confrontational. Especially early on, you might want to avoid that. I’ve seen a few forum where that option was associated with a lot of animosity. Since the ‘like’ option here isn’t that elaborate, there’s no real need to make it into an area of conflict.

As far as a ‘Safari Zone ROM hack,’ which creatures would you suggest including?


Just now welcoming a new user I got this idea,
Can we have a point system where in my first sign up I get 30 points or which you call Pokeballs. And unlocking new achievements will give us more points.


For me, I’m curious to see if signatures return. But, I’m kinda against the idea, to be honest. I’ve been working with CSS and graphics for awhile and I always loved making signatures and everything, but I found many to be annoying and just make reading something much more difficult than it had to be. If signatures were recreated here I would like an option to turn off viewing them so that I could read the posts in a fluid way as we are right now.

Also, originally I would be in favor of a point system because it would create an incentive for people to welcome others, play forum games and contribute to topics. But, after bringing up the topic of spam I am more than against the idea. I saw it implemented where you would receive a new title everytime you reached a specific post count and it didn’t work well. In fact, it lowered the quality of the overall posts on the entire forum. I rather people not be incentivized to post short greetings, unthought out posts, and simple opinions and be just do it because they want to add to the discussion. For example, instead of someone saying “My favorite pokemon is Dedenne”, because they need to make a quick post to add to their count so they can be the first to achieve “Veteran” rank. I would rather they say, “My favorite Pokemon is Dedenne because of how cute it is and how unique its typing is. I also like…” This adds something to the conversation and can even cause people to strike up a debate if they don’t agree with something the poster said and want to give their opinion (like Dedenne getting playrough is completely absurd and anyone that thinks its warranted over dazzling gleam I will have words with).

  • Quick side note as well. Even if we tackled that issue and said points or whatever would be earned based upon how many words they type as opposed to post count people would continue to exploit the system by inserting various, completely, highly unnecessary, highly exaggerated, uneeded, useless, words that drag out sentences and make people less incentivized to read and contribute.


@Archy & @Dedenne, if you go to your settings (click your icon in the top right and then the little cogwheel icon), then go to “Interface”, we do have a few darker themes you might like!


I want to see a friends list in the future!


We have the ‘badges’ system, how would this be different?


being against downvotes in 2018 is weak-willed and against the flow of the internet

also guys i’d be hesitant about asking to wholesale copy things about pc
think outside the box instead of what things you’re familiar with on a very broken interface, we have a far superior one at our disposal


Adri don’t you have a better argument for implementing downvotes than an ad hominem

But I agree though on the point that it’d better to not come up with SZ improvements just by copy-pasting stuff from PC (or any other website really)–it’s a whole new website, a whole new frontier. So do things a little differently. If people wanted this to just be PC with a new name and new forum software, ya should’ve just stayed on PC.

Not that literally all good ideas from another place should not be used, but you get what I mean.


reputation system?


Personally, I don’t want to see any restrictions against swearing (as long as it isn’t targeting someone with the intention of insulting them) but the addition of swear filters won’t hurt anyone, as long as it’s toggable


An optional swear filter might be alright. Many of the subjects discussed in some parts of PC were close to what is considered ‘inappropriate,’ so removing ‘swearing’ isn’t really going that far. If this forum is more ‘youngster-friendly’ in orientation, then swearing filters would make more sense.


RPT renamed to Multiverse pls


but seriously +1 to swear filter and -1 to downvotes (i realise the irony lmao)


A Eevee theme, eeveelution theme, Mega Charizard (X and Y) theme
For redesign of user profiles: could add your element or type like a pokemon
(Thats all I have for now, or possibly ever, if i think of more i will add it onto this reply)


To further add to the conversation about likes/dislikes, Reddit has a system I personally enjoy, that being the karma system for those who don’t know about it. You gain karma for getting up votes, and lose it only when your post up vote count drops below zero.

This means that up votes or likes would count every time, but down votes only count when they are actually justified i.e. Lots of people dislike your post. It also encourages up voting and posting quality content and through this system, certain rewards can be introduced, such as unlocking badges after a certain amount of karma has been reached. It also allows users to give their opinions on a comment through likes and dislikes, without necessarily being a detriment to the down voted User unless, as I said, everyone down votes. In this way, I could see dislikes being able to be implemented without the danger of it turning confrontational, as it mostly only would count in the case where others also agree.

To build on this, a love button that gives double karma or whatever would be easy to integrate into that system, and would allow users to greater express how they feel towards a topic or comment.

Aside from that, I think a swear filter is pretty standard on most any forum you come across, so I wouldn’t ever be opposed, so long as it can be toggled on and off.

Edit: still gunning for a way to sort comments by newest/most liked(or disliked if it gets implemented)/hottest. Hot comments being those getting lots of likes per time frame if that wasn’t clear.