What do you want to see on SZ?

What do you want to see on SZ?


Hello! The purpose of this topic is to let people know about our future plans for the site development and features. If you have any suggestions about the items on this list, please let us know!

Some of our main development plans over the coming months are:

  • Launch The Safari Zine, a Pokémon webzine, news outlet, and online Pokédex.
  • Redesign user profiles
  • Implement galleries for art and fanfiction topics
  • Implement a custom layout for hack and fangame topics that emphasizes important information like downloads and metadata.
  • Custom features for roleplaying/mafia sections like being able to post under the name of your RP character.
  • Integration with the Safari Zone Discord. Possible features are the ability to view and post to Discord from the forums, the ability to link your Discord account with the forums, and being notified on Discord of new topics being created on the forum.

Post away!

Ideas List

A Sawsbuck theme
Share your maps thread
More themes
Area to discuss technology related things
Safari Zone hack
More badges
Personalised badges
Badge tab on profile with all badges ever
Resource pinned topics for Pokemon forums
Badges list linked in FAQ
Tags for threads in Roleplay
Allow D&D for Roleplay
Voice over Discord roleplay
Check who posted in a thread by seeing the name not the user icon (Or both!)
More detail in the rules / punishment system
Unlike button
Comment on games posts
Points system
Friends list
Optional swear filter
RPT renamed to Multiverse
Eevee theme, Eeveelution theme, Mega Charizard X and Y theme
Love button, double karma
Sort comments by newest/most liked
Reacts like on FB
Amount of times you’ve voted in poll on profile page


a Sawsbuck theme please :grin:


I just wanna say that this site look incredible. Everything looks so good and clean to the eye.

Also, having a topic/thread where you could share your fan game/rom hack maps would be cool :slight_smile: :muscle:


I second this, but considering it was put together in a pretty short timespan I’m loving it so far, behaves pretty nicely on mobile too. Loving the fact that you can quickly paste images without having to save them or something similar. I’m sure themes will come with time. c: Kudos to everyone who worked on this.


I agree! The site looks absolutely amazing so far


The site looks really slick. Love the lay-out. the only major thing you could maybe implement is some themes, to make everyones experience one of there own!


I like the idea of having discord integration certainly. Having some kind of sub for discussing non-game related programming/dev/tech stuff would also be neat but I doubt it’d see much activity judging by the current channel for that on the discord server.






I would LOVE if we:

Had actual adoptables on profiles that levelled up as you posted.

If we create a hack of just the Safari Zone in RBY for members to download and play. They can “catch” a Pokemon in there and sign it up as an adoptable on here. There can also be a monthly competition, say a Chansey competition - aim to catch as many Chansey in the zone to win. Whoeever wins can get a high IV version of it in their current gen games.

Giveaways as well. Monthly giveaways of good/classic Safari Zone Pokemon as a social media staple- works so well on other sites!

Competitions for rewards based on the whole Pokemon universe. Like creative challenges to get people exploring the Pokemon world. Honestly there is SO many fun things we can do!


more badges to collect. maybe personalized even?


Yes! More badges would be cool.

I would also like to see more themes and stuff to personalize both our profile and customize our viewing experience. So far dark theme is amazing.


Gonna wanna have some basic resource stickies for Pokemon Competitive and Pokemon TCG soon.

And speaking of badges, a list of currently obtainable ones and the requirements to obtain them would be nice, I would think. edit: also, if it’d display ever badge you’ve ever gotten on your badges tab on your profile, and the ability to choose which ones display when someone clicks on your avatar/username when in a thread would be good too.

also I’ll just say this here since idk where else to say it, but the lavender on the dark gray for the dark theme is a lot better imo than whatever it was yesterday, so thanks whoever did that

maybe I’ll think of more later


For badges, there is this: https://forum.safarizone.net/badges

I’m not sure about some of them, like the flagging one. Seems to encourage spurious reports of misbehaviour, also you’d have to hope for something to occur requiring flagging. Still, there could be a post listing these.



Y’all should link to that under the badges part of the FAQ then.


First of all I want to reiterate how impressed I am with what SZ has already accomplished, and how much I like the fancy new design and utility. I’m going to have to re-acquaintance myself with CSS all over clearly but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue I hope!

As for additions I’d like to see… as I’ve been an RP hermit for most of my time, my suggestions are mostly geared towards that at this point. Sorry about that, but maybe I’ll add some more general things when they come to mind.

  • I’m really looking forward to the possibility of posting as your character that was mentioned in the first post of this thread, that might be implemented down the line! I understand that’s not very high priority, but nonetheless I want to make sure it has been said. That would be amazing.
  • I would like to see tags for threads in the RPT so that they can be denoted as ‘ooc’ (out of character), ‘ic’ (in character), etc. There’s already a ‘discussion’ tag so that can stay for general threads.
  • I do think it’d be best to keep IC threads in a separate subforum however, since they’re ongoing stories and not simple discussion for anyone to join in on.
  • I also think it’d be great for the RP section to be expanded by also allowing D&D (and other tabletop roleplays) to be played with voice over Discord, rather than just forum-based RPs. Threads could be tagged ‘‘tbt’’ or something, and would be used to recruit players, have them write sign-ups, and coordinate timezones so that the GM can decide how, when and with who they would like to run their game.
  • Maybe include the possibility for chat-based RP as well, though I personally don’t have as much experience with that. In that case a category would probably be necessary to keep things organized on the SZ discord (as mentioned below), so maybe a bit further down the line.

Finally, I really wish for the RP community to be integrated into the main SZ discord this time around. For that, I would at least like to see another chat in the ‘hobbies’ section for #roleplaying, but perhaps when the section picks up steam an entire category would be more useful, so that channels for each active RP could be made as well. Still, it might not be necessary since posting on this forum is more quick and easy, so OOC threads could simply be used for RP discussion once the sign-up phase is over… We’ll need to try things out and see what works for that, I think. haha

… Whew, sorry for the wall of text! I really hope some of these things could be added, and if any clarification is needed I’d be glad to help.

edit: I only just noticed there’s a second post in the RPT section regarding subforums for ‘canons’ now… I’m sorry, I overlooked that. I’ll leave my thoughts here for now, since I don’t fully understand how canon forums are supposed to work yet.


would be nice to see who created a thread (topic) without having to click on it (instead of the profile avatar only). if you know what i mean


As creative and neat as this idea is, my only problem is: would the idea stay true to the source material and simply feature what can be caught at the Kantonian Safari Zone? Cuz most users wouldn’t like the idea of having a limited pool when it comes to their signature Pokemon.


Hey, so, I love the site and how clean it looks. It’s also nice to see how many ideas people has even after a couple of days of having things up and running.

However, I do have a request, kinda of a silly one really. I would like to see a theme that’s a bit darker, not flatout black, but something that’s a bit less… strong than bright white as it’s a bit hard for me to see sometimes. My sight tends to get tired of bright colours rather quick on a screen, just something a little bit less bright. Honestly that’s the only thing I can mention, otherwise I don’t have a ton of ideas, I’m digging this a lot.


Yeah, I have to agree with @Archy here. I will most likely only ever post on my laptop and since I’m most active at night it would be nice to have a dark mode and more themes in general. (Like on discord light mode is literally a meme haha)

I also agree with adding more badges, especially if we the new battle server will host tournaments and such. It’d be a cool little thing to show up on the profile. And as far as badges though I’m not sure if the designs are standard or given, but if there was just a tad bit more variation (like over half are that weird circular spiked design) it’d be more visually appealing. Just something to think of over time!

Two quick other things.

Firstly, I love 99% of the new things planned in the OP especially the Zine, Redesign on the profiles along with custom features for roleplaying/mafia. However, I’m a bit skeptical of an online Pokedex incorporated into the Zine. Well not skeptical, but more questioning its necessity? Not that it wouldn’t be cool, but how would it set itself apart from other online Pokedex’s?

Secondly, a suggestion. The rules seem to be very short and lack detail, to be honest. But, I expect this with how small we are and how quick this was created. However, currently, there are no specifics as to what will happen if someone breaks the rules. Will there be an infraction system and how will it work? And do we have an idea for a minimum age requirement? One of the things I really liked about PC though never used was the implementation of the swear censor. If we expect younglings to be here I think it would be something to implement in the future since there are currently no rules against swearing. Finally, we don’t have any rules that prohibit or discourage spam. Not that I’ve seen a huge amount of it, but I’ve seen various topics get off track because people can post whatever they wish as of right now. Double posting is also something I see is allowed at the moment and I’m not sure if I’m too keen on it haha.

Just a few suggestions! All in all I love SZ and I’m so proud of everyone that made it possible and I’m proud to be apart of this rapidly growing community. Hugs!