What changes would you make to Nintendo's Online Service to make it more appealing?

What changes would you make to Nintendo's Online Service to make it more appealing?


title. im quite curious!


-A Virtual Console with more than just NES games. They had it since the Wii in 2006, why can’t they have it now? This also extends into offering more free games for Switch players, such as SNES and N64 games.

-“Try before you buy” options for some games in their catalog without demos, where you can play up to, say, one or two hours as a “full game demo,” kinda like what they did for the Wind Waker in the Zelda collection for Gamecube. It’d give Nintendo a niche over competing services due to having a “refund system” on games you dislike that isn’t somewhat draconian in nature, since it’d allow you to experience the early parts of a game you’re on the fence about and decide if it’s really something you enjoy or not.
To incentivize subscription, you could have limited “free plays” like this, whether it be waiting for a game to go on free play or having limited uses (I’d say five at most?), while subscribers get as many free plays as they want.


Put it back as free


this so much


make it every console actually


pure fantasy, as nice as it would be


The Miiverse. Bring back the Miiverse.

As far as social internet activity goes, that was easily the best idea Nintendo has put out yet and it outshines pretty much every other platform in that regard, including Steam and its communities. Pleasant to use, easy to put content on, and just promoted good vibes and talking about things with like-minded fans.

It was a good time, really shouldn’t have been shut down.


i heard it shut down because they forgot to put the restrictions of Miiverse on the switch. Which in end does suck because they still kept the icon in the 3DS and Wii U.