What are you playing?

What are you playing?


Enter the Gungeon now bc i get re-addicted to it every few months


Secret Of Mana on SNES emulator. Never gave it a chance before because I didn’t like the controls or the way the menu worked but I’m really enjoying it now.

I was playing Reborn for a while but that faded away. I was also playing a legend of zelda ocarina of time randomizer for a while that I would highly recommend. Have been switching between Secret Of Mana and the randomizer a lot. Will be sticking to Secret Of Mana now though until I beat it or get sick of it.


octopath traveler

such an amazing game so far


I’ve heard amazing things, I want to either buy that or odyssey next


if you’re a fan of your standard grindy, story-driven rpg with job classes and whatnot it’s a must have


Recently bought Splatoon 2

I would enjoy it more if it wasn’t for constant fucking connection problems


Welp many
Pokemon soulsilver black 2 and 1
Naruto ninja impact psp and toram online


CS:GO mainly, or A Path Beyond… or sometimes Destiny 2


Overwatch rn <3


Getting over it

I think the game hates me


Well, I’ve played Persona 5 and 4 Golden in the past number of months. I’m now playing 3 FES and that’s been somewhat decent so far, although going back means losing some of the mechanics I’m used to, such as a half-decent Shuffle Time and the ability to control each party member individually. I really hope the AI doesn’t try to screw me over…


I’ve been alternating between Persona 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m currently at the 7th Palace in P5, whereas in RDR2 I’ve been too busy exploring to progress past the beginning of Chapter 2.


Mostly Clone hero, tiny bit of skyrim, bravely default, and xenoblade, and I’m playing a tiiiiiny bit of modded minecraft.
I’m getting a bunch of persona games soon, so those will be taking up a lot of my time