What are you playing?

What are you playing?


Figured I should make this a thread again lol
anyways what games are ya guys playing?

currently I’m playing GTA San Andreas although I’ve just been driving around lol


I’ve been playing Mosnter Hunter world most of the time! Not at the very moment, but it the game I’ve been playing for the past two weeks.


I’ve been currently playing Celeste. It’s a pretty tough platformer, but I still love it. Its soundtrack is pretty great as well.


I haven’t played it, but I’ve listen to it’s soundtrack for awhile, even the noises they make when they talk sounds so great and the art looks amazing.


I’ve been mainly going between Warframe, Monster Hunter World, Rainbow Six Siege, FFXV: Comrades, and Metro: Last Light. All of them A+ games I would recommend.


Recently I was playing Brothers: Tale of two sons, and To the moon. last one is so great!


A surprise to no one, but I’ve been picking up my NG+ in Persona 5. Catching things I didn’t notice the first time.


Been playing Hollow Knight a lot lately. I thought I finally finished it a couple of days, but 100%-ing it is still a bit of a hassle. Oh, and it has multiple endings too.

It’s a great game though, so I really don’t mind playing it a bit more.


I’ve been juggling a few games for the last few weeks. Chrono Trigger, Wind Waker, Pokemon Prism, and pokemon insurgence. Mostly been on Chrono Trigger though. I’ve been slacking a lot lately though.

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention I played through The Gray Garden. Great game, it’s fairly easily since it’s story focused. I liked it.


I just started playing Fallout: New Vegas for the first time. So excited :smiley: Will be playing on Very Hard with Hardcore mode on.


I’ve been replaying Chrono Trigger on the PC release(Yes, even if it’s a “bad” port). And besides that, CSGO and Overwatch from time to time with some friends. I have a lot of games on hold though, so I may get to them after I 100% Chrono Trigger, I want to actually get all the achivements and get a completed save file with the characters at max stats(or at least close to it).


I start to play gta 5 :yum:


I had some nostalgia vibes in the last few days so I started replaying some PS2 games like Gran Turismo 4. Played it a lot as a kid and I still play it to this day. Truly my favourite of the series.


I’m addicted to Rocket League as always, and I’ve no time for any other games lately, which is a shame, but I mean, Diamond rank makes me feel much better ahaha


Playing lots of Hearthstone as usual, but also slowly making my way through the Danganronpa series - starting the third case of DR2 now. :slight_smile:


Oh my god you were playing rocket league years ago in our first voice call. STILL??


Overwatch as usual. Occasionally xenoblade.


I played some Enter the Gungeon earlier today. Despite my criticisms, I’m getting into it.


Yep! Still going lmao, and I’ve improved loads since then too, which is motivating haha


I’ve been playing Dead Cells obsessively for weeks. I’m in a pattern lately of just picking an indie game and playing it to death until I hate it and need to find a new one.