Weirdest Move Animations

Weirdest Move Animations


What was the weirdest move animations in any Pokemon game? I have a few ones.

Gen 3 Toxic is weird and takes too long

Every Gen of Sweet Kiss with the angel appearing, I always thought that was weird until I learned that the Japanese name was Angel Kiss, which makes sense.

Gen 2 Spite and Gen 2/3 Lovely Kiss, the animations showed a demon thing appearing lol, which like Sweet Kiss makes sense since the original Japanese name was Demon’s Kiss.

Gen 6 Gunk Shot with a trash can flying at you.

Gen 3/4/5 Extrasensory, what is happening with the user and the foe stretching like that.

Gen 2/3 Smog looked weird as it looks like a snake floating and coiling around the foe.

What are some other weirdest move animations?


Minimize swapped the user’s sprite with a “tiny substitute” in Gen 1 until it fainted or switched out. Dunno why future gens didn’t do the same thing or something similar, especially given how some moves have a unique interaction with Minimize.

Gen 3 Hyper Beam is firing… a bunch of marbles rather than a death ray? What?

A lot of Gen 6/7 animations look weird and janky due to how robotic they look (i.e. multi-hit moves making the mon using it slowly rotate towards the target, then hop to make an effect play out for each hit). It’s even worse with bullet seed, where the user somehow reacts even less and makes the attack have even less of an impact as a result.

Some animations don’t properly line up with the 3D models of some pokemon in Gens 6 and 7, resulting in oddities such as pokemon firing beams out of their heads for seemingly no discernible reason. It’s worse when a pokemon’s “special attack” animation doesn’t open their mouth.

Gen 7 Punishment is just a boring bop on the head rather than the energy tentacle things used in Gen 6. Why the downgrade?

A lot of pokemon have physical attack animations that make Breakneck Blitz look incredibly strange at best or really lazy at worst. Here is a strange example.

Supersonic Skystrike looks really weird when used by Toucannon. As it’s used by the signature pokemon of an Elite Four member, you’ll likely see this happen.

I’m not linking what happens when you use Savage Spin-out with certain humanoid pokemon. Just… no.

While it’s more related to how a move interacts with one pokemon, this is a thing in Battle Revolution.


ehem, ehem


Stunfisk is a spinning flaming pancake of doom.


remember when the animation for Leer was basically a Pokemon shooting laser beams out of its eyes?

also, @Desox:


To be frank, the only reason I passed on mentioning Darkest Lariat was because it was an exclusive move, and most videos of it are hacked.

It’s still downright amazing though lol