🎨 Weekly Pixel Challenge (Week #16: Tiny Monsters) 🎨

🎨 Weekly Pixel Challenge (Week #16: Tiny Monsters) 🎨


Image by Wobb:
“Paris at night with fireworks.”

Welcome to the Weekly Pixel Challenge, revived from olden days! This is a thread that I’ve run before, where each week we try and do a weekly prompts. Newbie and oldies alike are welcome to join as it’s made that you get points just for participating! What do you get for your points?

Honor. And pokemon!

EACH WEEK you’ll get a number of points based on how difficult the prompt is, and you’ll also get a small bonus if you did last week’s prompt as well. I will also award one or two entries with a small point bonus based upon multiple things, such as experimentation or growth.

So with that–

nina: 120
mimi: 105
Flower_Child: 80
wobb : 65
dedenne : 60
FaroreToC : 60
Fawful: 45
fafrir : 35
saleh: 30
cavespider_17 : 20
Salzorrah: 15
Wrath-o-Los: 10
shawn : 10
FlameChrome: 10
doomsday: 10
Adrevi: 10

!NEW!****!NEW! If you reach 30 points you can get a normal pokemon through the badge system

Scroll down for the latest prompt!


Aaand here’s my entry. Promise I didn’t get an early start, it’s just really easy to do it so everyone should join!




I tried to make him really cute and use some softer colors against the rock, I like it, but I don’t love it~ I’d say it’s good for my frist time though!


I’m a little late but I’d thought I’d contribute to this challenge!


“My ice cream, my ice cream! Waaah!” The little boy cried whilst his mother sighed in annoyance. “Just wait okay? Mommy’s gonna buy you a new one.” The little boy’s mum said as they walked away from the melting chocolate ice cream the little boy dropped.

Welp, I tried :joy: Here is mine, first time I did something to a silhouette ahah


These are great! I’ll move to next week in a little while, so just tell me if you’re still working on once and I’ll accept it.


Safe to say Mimi gets the bonus points for originality, taking a monster shape and seeing dropped icecream in it!

mimi: 15
nina: 10
dedenne: 10
fafrir: 10


This week, we’re going to do small pixel foods! Anything you want!

  • Make sure it fits into a 32 x 32 square.
  • Use 8 colors total!



I try


I made Steak


here’s some dragonfruit!


These are all so cute!!



I made cheeseburger~

And midway through forgot the cheese


cake smol cake


Here’s the pepperoni pizza I made, specially for you, mademoiselle. u v u


Thought I would give this a go so Hotdog


Leaderboard 04/30/2018
mimi: 25
fafrir: 25
nina: 20
dedenne: 20
shawn: 10
wobb: 10
cavespider_17: 10

Fafrir gets points for her fruit among other foods and it just looks nice!
!NEW! If you reach 100 points you can get a normal pokemon through the badge system


It can be anything under 20x20 pixels! Whatever colors you want, whatever
item you want, but just be around or under 20 x 20 pixels.



Sword for all:Sword



Smol litten gave me hell, but I luve him omg


Dittoa jellya


image four color potion!