🎨 Weekly Art Challenge 🎨 Week #11: Danger

:art: Weekly Art Challenge :art: Week #11: Danger


Hope its not too late but here it is : D

Me and my monstrosity I’ve grown of hair! It’s longer than in the drawing irl, practically to the hips now :fufu:
Drawing would be way too long for my liking if I did it more accurately xD


Looks amazing, Magi <3


So many participants this week! :smile:


Since it is October, Each week for this month is available to the whole month. Miss a week this month? Then do it another week in this month! (October)

Week 7 is here though!

pumpkins, make them cute or scary or everything in between!


Week 8 guys

lets get spooky with some witches, otherwise draw a witch.


<.<" I goofed and did week 7 instead of 8


Since it’s no longer October and far beyond the deadline, I thought I’d give combining the last two prompts a shot, although apologies in advance because I know absolutely nothing about how to draw witches :’)


Week 9: Eyes
Practice some eyes! The facial features of any given drawing can express a lot about a character, so draw as many or as little as you’d like; animal, human, or otherwise!


Right on time :eyes:

I’m not too good with eyes and facial expressions, but thought I’d try to draw something a little more interesting than just a normal set. Turned out pretty well in my opinion since I tried to draw them from memory, although I’m not sure what they mean, maybe that’s up to you… Hoping to get back into art in the next few weeks, although a little bit busy so I’ll do my best to keep up!

You can see where I messed up and changed my mind in the background too, haha, that’s the downsides of working on paper but it’s alright. :’)


Week 10: Winter
It’s that time of year! ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hopefully I can draw a winter themed me this year


Let it snow! :fufu:

Simple (well, in retrospect) character and a throwaway background early in the morning, what more could you ask for from the holidays? Time for me to get back into the art side of things too, I realized from the last challenge that I actually do need to work with eyes and stuff so I’ll be getting in some practice before I make something nice for Christmas :’)


Week 11: Danger
It’s time for some suspense!