🎨 Weekly Art Challenge 🎨 Week #11: Danger

:art: Weekly Art Challenge :art: Week #11: Danger


Untitled3 Welcome to the Weekly Art Challenge!

This challenge will run on a weekly basis. Better bring your art supplies, because any art style is welcome in this one! You get 10 points for every week you participate in, and once you get 50 points you can adopt a regular Pokémon or evolve one you already have. Remember to go through the Badge and Adoptable Request Topic to do so!

And you don’t have to participate every week, you are more than welcome to join in when it’s a theme you like! Good luck and hope to see some amazing artwork!

:art: Current Theme :art:

Week 11: Danger
It’s time for some suspense!

Past Themes

Week 1: Favorite Pokémon/Trainer
Week 2: Create your own Trainer
Week 3: Games
Week 4: Favorite device
Week 5: Alternate color palette for a Pokémon
Week 6: Draw yourself
Week 7: Pumpkins
Week 8: Witches
Week 9: Eyes
Week 10: Winter

:art: Leaderboard (Week 10) :art:

  • Specifice: 40
  • Magipika: 40
  • Raouein: 20
  • Shiny: 10
  • Saridlin: 10
  • Salzorrah: 10



bellossom doodle :heart:


It took me forever, but here it is!


Week 2 Challenge:

Create your own Trainer, Gym Leader, or even a Elite 4 member! Be as creative as you want with this. Wanna go bigger? Then create their whole team also!

Good luck with week 2.


Started on this wayyyy too late, so I decided to try a different style to see if I could do it a bit quicker. I actually like how it turned out (sorry for no face or background :/) Here’s my Ghost type trainer~


the no face actually gives it character, imo at least


Thanks, I was trying to get that mysterious air with a Yamask mask haha


This week we are taking a break from pokemon, and doing games!

This weeks challenge is general games, create your favorite scene from your favorite game or draw your favorite character in a game! Don’t forget to put what game it’s from. Whether it’s typed out or said in the art.

Good Luck!


Technology, the thing we all use. Whether its from a pencil to a high tech laser, or even the best computer.

A portrait of your favorite device to use. Doesnt have to be a portrait, can just be a drawing of what your favorite device is.

Hope this is less broad than last week. I do take suggestions for future challenges!


It got me where I am today, so…


Week 5, lets do something interesting.

Create a alternate color pallete of your favorite pokemon! Otherwise just make the colors different of a pokemon.

Good luck!


Kingdom Hearts’ Heartless color palette~


How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink?

Normal Eevee

:musical_note: :tophat::shrimp:


Thats an interesting art style.


Week 6 is here!

Draw yourself! Perfection doesnt have to be a thing, you can even make it what you wish you looked like if wish! Have fun!


My character from Pokemon Go



I’ve done this already so I’ll post my semi old one just in case I never post a new one :3c

TBH I should make a new one since I got a new pet since this picture and tossed the bear. (And I don’t even like this pic anymore :eyes: ;;; )


What program did you use for this??


I used Blender 3D and Photoshop CC.


I needed to sleep early, so of course I procrastinated until the last minute to draw something for this ;3
I’ve never really done something like this before, so a lot of the face is based on a picture (since I can’t draw faces for my life) but the rest of it is just normal.
Don’t judge how I look please, haha :wobblurk: