Weather Articles

Weather Articles


Not what happening outside your window right now, I mean the mechanic. I’m planning on writing an article focusing on weather in showdown battles, primarily in the OU tier but with some degree of relevance to all. Things I’ll include are as follows:

  • Summary of the condition and its effects.
  • Viability of teams focused around the condition
  • Types that the condition is particular relevant to
  • Noted setters of that condition (predominately Pokemon that create it via their abilities)
  • Team members that function well in said weather


Would love to see this, I just told Sam the other day that I wanted to work with Pelipper and rain a bit more so this would be very helpful!


All seems fine to me with the idea and structure.

Worth mentioning how the likes of Torkoal and Pelipper have become way more viable just because of their new abilities? Maybe something worthy of a separate (shorter) article…


I’ll see if I can sneak a mention in but that might be better saved for an analysis just on those Pokemon. Pelipper in particular is actually the best weather setter in the game now on account of its access to Roost and U-Turn.