User Appreciation

User Appreciation


I’m not sure if this will remain available much longer, but I suppose I’ll try to send this off while I still can. I’ve always been intending to make a post here but never got around to it, but never late than never! :’)

A huge thank you goes to @Saridlin for introducing me to the Safari Zone in the first place! I never would have met this great community that has held such a huge focus in my life for the last several months or so! It was all because of Pokecord in the beginning, but a lot has changed since then, and as you can see it all turned for the better!

A lot of appreciation goes out to @Specifice, @Shiny, and @Dedenne because you guys were the first people I met when I joined, and it took a lot of encouragement from you guys to venture into all of the other channels. Now though, I’ve gotten to meet so many cool people in Safari Zone because you helped me out of my comfort zone, and I certainly don’t regret anything about that, and the amount that you’ve done for helping introduce me and others to such a great bunch is insane! Keep up what you’re doing : D

Thank you to @Johnny, ever since you got me hooked on Mafia all those months ago, you’ve been very patient with all of my mishaps and questions (and I know there’s been a lot of them, haha) and it’s been a blast playing with all of you guys, even if it is a bit stressful at times. And seeing how the direction of the forums is changing, I imagine there may be a lot more in the near future as well!

There’s so many people that I’ve met here in passing, and have helped me get through some pretty long nights in those random conversations about life and the likes that I am so grateful to have met! And if I haven’t gotten to know you that well yet, I hope that I get to know you better in the near future! There’s no way I can name you all because I know I’m going to leave someone out, but bless night squad and I hope that we can continue to have a great time here :fufu:

Thank you for listening to my rambling all this time, hope you have a great day and happy holidays :smile:



Aaaww Magi you’re such a cutie sweetheart<3 I appreciate the FUCK OUTTA YOUUU