User Appreciation

User Appreciation


Been a while since I did one of these…

Firstly, thanks to @Flower_Child, @Fletch and all the other higher staff here for believing in me and allowing me to bring my frenetic madness to the Entertainment section. Also thanks to @Juno for putting up with my madness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next I’d like to thank everyone for their participation in the 30 day challenges, Wheel Of Fortune, and The Price Is Right. Some of the biggest contributors have been @Dedenne, @Desox, @Wrath-o-Los, @Specifice and @Sawsbuck.

I’d like to thank @Tyler for running DubCity, even when only a few people show up to listen to some sweet jams.

I want to thank all the Discord mods for keeping the server clean and fun to just relax in from time to time.

And finally I want to thank everyone else. It’s been a fun almost six months here, and we’ve been building something great here.

The fun is just getting started!


Aaron, Johnny, Michael, Raff, Radiating, Zośka. It is a pleasure, for so long we know each other, nothing can break that chain. I love you all


We’ve gone through a lot of stuff, but we’ve always managed to stick together. Stay strong slavs.


Oof get ready, lads. I’m about to smother you in appreciation.

@Tyler, @AetheR, @Raffee, @Radiating, and @Limey-chan. I joined you guys much later. I was probably awkward and quiet af at first, but you guys welcomed me and brightened up my life. Like Raffy said, we’ve been through a lot. It was a rough ride at one point, but we’re a strong group made up of bad memes . I can’t wait for the day we get to hang out together and listen to good music.

@Johnny. By some miracle, we got to meet each other. And before I even knew it, I was looking forward to seeing you online any chance I got. I looked forward to what we’d talk about, what we’d play, and what I’d learn about you. These last 10 months of us being together have been the best of my life so far, and I’m looking forward to the future we’ll live together. Thank you for being by my side and changing my life. I love you :heart:


Oh, and @Shiny, you’re cute af, stfu


i’m not crying i just have something in my eye
I wish you both the best and yes hopefully we can meet soon, I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. :eyes:


Thanks Raffy. And yeah, it’s gonna happen one way or another :eyes:


@Zoska We’re getting there, bby. I look forward to that day, everyday. I love you :heart:

@AetheR @Raffee @Tyler I believe at some point I told you that everything would work out for the best… it did, and I have no doubt it’s only gonna get better :slavSquat:


I thought about making this in occasion of Safari Zone’s 6 months birthday, but I’ve been kinda busy with life and work, so I’m doing it now. I just wanted to appreciate some people, because I haven’t done that in a while:

@Zoska @Johnny @AetheR @Tyler @Radiating as some of you already said it’s been one hell of a ride in the last year or so (which has taught me a valuable life lesson), but I think this has put our friendship to the test, with a positive outcome I’d say. In one way or another, you’ve all changed my life for the better. I love you all, let’s keep the dank memes this up.

@Limey-chan You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had in my life and few people who can put a smile on my face even thousands of miles away. I honestly hope it stays like this forever and I can’t wait to meet you again (along with some other guys :eyes:) , never change. :blue_heart:

@Dedenne I have a lot of fun chatting with you in the server or DMs and I think you’re a nice friend, thank you for being you. I truly mean it. :heart: (your edm taste is also decent I guess)

@Shiny I’m so glad you have decided to join the forums and bring your art here, you’re very talented and I so wish I could draw something even remotely similar to what you do. :smile: You’re also very funny and nice to talk to on the server. :>

I’d also like to thank the staff as a whole for the effort that everyone is putting to make the community a better place for everyone and for giving me a chance to shine. I still stand by what I say: it’s really an honour to be part of this team and I’m really proud of it. It’s very satisfying to see this community growing up and thriving.

Finally, I’d like to thank you… yes! You members! You are the ones who make this community what it currently is today, we would have never made it this far without you. Thanks for sticking around with us. :heart:

Happy 6 months Safari Zone! Hoping to celebrate many more milestones down the road.


You’re pretty much the first friend I made on the server back when I was only there for Pokecord. You’re super friendly and welcoming to everyone, not just me. I most likely would’ve never even bothered to look past the Pokecord section if it wasn’t for you, and I wouldn’t of gotten closer to so many people because of that. Thank you<3

MY LOVELY WIFE!! Aahh you’re so adorable and kind, it brightens my day when I see messages from you, for real. I love that I can have someone like you as my server pair, brightening up my day with your compliments and gentle nature. Thank you for also welcoming me into the server, you’re amazing. Thank you<3

WELL, WELL, WELL…MY BROTHER. MY DUMB FACE BROTHER VARG. Evil twin but not really. I GUESS I’m happy to have met you in this server, you did make my time when I was only in Pokecord fun as heck, especially when we’d joke around. My attachment to you only increased when we both moved more to the other channels and I have to say you’re a really cool and funny person. Thank you<3

My fellow friend and furry, thanks for being a great mod who knows how to not only take a joke but make 5 more that’ll crack up everyone. You’re a pretty cool person in my book and you really help the server feel wholesome and like a home.

I first knew you as the typing sniper but now I know you as daddy jr. and friend. When ever I see you in chat it makes me smile because you’re HILARIOUS! I could never look at kirby the same way thanks to you and that’s not really a bad thing. Also, thanks for making Dede smile too, that’s a bonus. Thank you<3

@Zoska @Johnny @Salzorrah @Flower_Child @colours and Radiating (I can’t mention more than 10 in a post >:( )
You bunch are apart of my server family in my book. I can’t think of Safari without you guys. I wouldn’t WANT the server to be without you all. I have various moments with each of you that either made me smile or want to actually cry just because you went out of your way to say something nice about me and it really touched me. I always don’t know what to say when something like that happens. You each deserve the world and I thank you for being AMAZING mods and members

The Server as a whole: Never have I ever been in a community where I felt like everyone active could be a friend to me. This is the sweetest and funnest community I’ve ever been apart of. It’s full of incredible people and I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon it.

Pokecord Dev: I know they’ll most likely never see this but I thank them too because without them creating Pokecord, I would’ve never found this place that I now call home.


God damn, you guys are awesome.


Y’all too much omg ily~~ :heart: :heart::heart:


You guys are great



well i would like to appreciate myself since no other bitches are doing so!!!


So i would like to appreciate everyone I’m talking to and having fun all this time. Raff, Denne, Rabi, Radi, Soap, Szy, Iza, Sunny, Johnny, Soph, Nick, Mike, Desox, Canas, Fletch. I’m so sorry if I forget anyone.
Btw some more thanks to rabi for muting me :stuck_out_tongue:
And also big special shoutout for denne, you know why


@Raffee Buon anniversario a te e Chiara, amico! Ecco qui altri ricordi felici insiemi! :smiley:


Thanks bro. :heart: I honestly hope to spend the rest of my life with her. :3


Now that she’s here. @Juvart Thank you for everything. You are my sunshine.


@Fletch thank you again for tonight, having someone to talk to whilst i’ve been feeling low has really helped. We’ll definitely need a catch-up soon!

@colours similarly, thank you for DMing me on Friday, it really was appreciated :slight_smile:


You guys are moderately ok I guess. ⱼₖ ₗₒᵥₑ ᵧₐₗₗ