User Appreciation

User Appreciation


Hey, I might as well pitch in! I’m not too good with remembering names and providing recommendations on people, but I’ll try!

@Fletch @Dedenne @Flower_Child and any other mod I may not be mentioning, thank you for being amazing mods. This may not sound like much of a compliment honestly, but as someone whose best experience with a mod was them simply not doing anything and completely abandoning the group they were in… Frankly, you guys give me hope that there’s still good mods out there, and you do it by being fun to talk to and knowing when to lay down the hammer.

@Conos honestly, I don’t have too much to say, but that doesn’t matter. I just like talking with you about stuff, whether it be about pokemon, what’s happening in TF2, and so on for related stuff.

@Kaito @Batwing1234 and any other new blood I may be forgetting, thank you for providing your own spice to the forums and discord! While we may not clearly jive in certain areas or have talked much with each other, the extra seasoning you add helps keep Safari Zone fresh and exciting.

@colours @Wobb while we may not talk much, you are some of the old guard I enjoy interacting with, or at least watching interact with every day. I don’t really have much else to say, so keep up the good work!


Working on it!!


I would like to appreciate @Flower_Child @Fletch @Dedenne @Raffee @Limey-chan @Tyler @Johnny @Sam @Flower_Child and all the people i talk to on the discord server (those were just the ones from the top of my head) for putting up with me, and honestly not getting rid of me (like blocking or banning me from the server) because i am annoying a lot of times (pretty much all the time) and i like to say discord is my escape from the actual life i live and everyone there seems to make me smile one way or another. I yell, say mean things, rage quit, many other bad things, but you guys never stop talking to me or basically got rid of me because of that.
Along with @EvilChameleon i know we kind of got off to a bad start on pokecommunity, but we are doing a event together now is really something.

But my life is a hell sometimes, and discord is just one way to escape it and im grateful i can stay with these people (or most of them) since i joined pokecommunity discord server and still be with them to this day. May have only been about a year since i joined that discord but it feels a long time has passed. You guys give me great pleasure and joy and I always know where I feel welcome.


I appreciate you, too, my dude. I know it’s easy to let adversity drag you down, but you’ve got aspirations and that’s more than you can say for many people. Just hold on there, things will get better if you don’t give up, I guarantee you that.


That is very kind of you. If you continue along this path, I’m certain that things will get better for you. Don’t stop now.


Thank you both xx


hey uh… i don’t really do these things often. mostly because I feel like whoever I appreciate would know that I do appreciate them. im also going to do this a bit differently this time around, and not name names, because the people who mean a lot to me should know who they are, anyway.

at any rate, i really want to thank the entirety of SZ for being so awesome for the past six or so months! im not going to lie – there were a few points where I was worried we wouldnt survive – but we pushed through nonetheless. while it’s true that forums aren’t as big of a thing as they were years ago, sz is proof that a community with a common interest can still very much exist and thrive.

special shoutout to the discord team, too! there have been some pretty hefty disagreements, but i think at the bottom of it all, we all wanted what was best not just for discord but for the forums as well. but it’s more than that. i want to thank you guys that, to this day, you’re constantly helping me change into a better person. idk, ive been kinda doing some reflection and i really want to be more of a leader someday so im trying to better myself to hopefully fit that mold.

also fuck it im purposefully going against my first paragraph to give a special shoutout to @Specifice for being such a blessing to both the forums and the discord server she is such an amazing presence and she deserve this shoutout.

but really, the bigger point of this shoutout was to give a huge thanks to those people who have helped me change for the better. those of you who knew me in the past knew that i wasn’t easy to deal with. i know. life experiences and some hard self-reflection really has given me some perspective into my own behaviourisms/mannerisms and i still want to strive to be as positive and helpful as i can truly be. so again, thanks.


I’m so amazed and thankful that this bunch of people exist here in these spaces, I’ve never seen a more welcoming or friendly group before. :two_hearts:

@colours You’re one of the sweetest people on here and I love when we chat about Okami, haha. I see the efforts you make and we are all proud of you~ I remember you coming hesitantly into the craziness that was the night Pokécord group, and I’m so glad you did as we got to know each other better and just be goofs lol


@vargan @Shiny and @Specifice are all awesome <3


No u ;u;


D’aw you’re a sweetheart!! Ima cri


i was so confused trying to find the tag which i thought was on discord but ye this family saves me HEHEHEHEHE i was only using discord for voicechat of games, and now im sucked in TSZ lmao you are all wonderful people


Hi I’m back

I had a rough few days but along with it, there’s been so much fun and good times.

Let’s start with all the new people and new regulars that have made my week:

@Shiny It’s been great getting to know you and chat, you’ve come to talk in other channels and because of that, I’ve come to enjoy talking in those channels again! I love how quirky you are and our constant jokes always make me smile. Also you best get Mr. Librarian or imma faint and flunk out with the archways :smirk:

@Specifice since I first said we don’t dm much we’ve dm’d constantly and it’s been lovely getting to know you! I love joking with you in chat and talking in dms about anything from RWBY to Friendships and such. Though you best not pass me in points Spaggy hehehe

@vargan You’re super fun and super active! I’m sure we’re doing a number on your irl socializing, but you’ve become a discord regular in just a week! You’re always friendly and you’ve ventured out into almost all the channels once or twice so you’re a freaking legendary Clown now.

@Theboss @Raouein and Rawrawr, thank you all for making pokecord-main a lovely place and for taking interest in the forums, points and such. Y’all are so sweet and friendly and I love talking with you guys.

Alright now onto the people who’ve been here forever

@Conos @Radiating @Raffee I’m so glad each of you joined the discord team and applied, you guys are doing an amazing job and I love chatting with each of you in channels and in dms!

@Fletch I’m soooooo glad you’re back in action, and it’s been a pleasure to get to know you the past few months and talk with you about basically everything in life. You’re a true friend!

And a special thanks to all my other friends on the SZ Discord who understand me and talk with me constantly, you guys are great friends and I’m so happy we got to meet eachother. Hopefully I’ll get to visit all of you one day!


Oh gosh, y’all are too nice, you know that? :heart: :heart: :heart:


everybody needs some spagütti


@everyone. Love y’all
(except for the people who like Lunala)


How do I take back a like


I do love people who don’t like solgaleo cause I understand how hard it is being blind