User Appreciation

User Appreciation


Appreciating some of the dev-lounge crew:

@FaroreToC I always enjoy talking with you, serious or not it’s nice to get away from everything and just discuss everything hehe

@Wobb Your passion for rom hacking and SZ in general is something to admire, and your jokes and personality always make me smile~


@Sunny Your memes are top tier and you’re filled with love and kindness, you are also a joy to talk to about Summoners War

@Luna Very friendly, high quality memes, love the plot

Jake, Adrevi and Machomuu thanks for adding some occasional sanity. It’s nice to take a breather.

To all the other dev-loungers: Zuum

:heart: You Guys


I appreciate user @Flower_Child for not being a barb and listening to my rambles from time to time


Limey’s post was a reminder, I have to thank a few people for the best voyage I’ve ever had in my life:

@Limey-chan massive props to you for hosting me, providing me with good food, shelter, and most importantly, someone to talk to while I was there. :smiley:

@Tyler thank you for picking me up in London Heathrow’s airport so I wouldn’t have to travel all alone by myself, you have been great company.

@Fletch you’re great in person, very chill and fun to talk to. In addition, I’ll never be thankful enough for this gift. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SINCE AGES:


It has been a fantastic week and waving goodbye to all of you was very very hard for me, we’ll surely meet again this time in Italy. I love you all very much. :heart:


Imagine this: you’ve just spent a week with the three best men - nay, best PEOPLE - you know on this Earth and now a few days later the reality has smacked you in the face that you’re not going to see them the next day. Heartbreaking, right? I’m currently a mess at 2:20AM for this exact reason (and I imagine they are also in the same boat, alas).

I’ve just had probably one of the best weeks of my life (you’ve some big contenders unfortunately lads) with the incredible threesome that is @Fletch, @Raffee and @Limey-chan. Even if the weather decided to try and dampen the mood, even if there were sore heads and bodies the morning after, truly had some incredibly amazing days for sure. We managed a 3rd place in the pub quiz, showed Raffy our ‘stellar’ coastline, got Raffy to try alcohol (and be sensible), got plastered and danced the night away and much much more. And I loved every second of it, seriously it was such a nice getaway from the complete shit life has thrown my way recently and for that I’m truly grateful. Grateful and bawling my eyes out as I sit here listening to the very song that set me off at the airport on the day of departure. Curse you Tyler, curse you.

I think that was the only bad part of the trip, leaving you all. Seeing y’all as upset as you were truly wrenches the soul out of any decent man, oof. But hey, looking forward to next year boys!!! Viva la Italia!

Fletch - Thank you for hosting me and your impeccable hosting skills; also Ivan is a darling and I am 100% stealing him next time. Just saying.
Limey - Eeeeee, thank you for being you! Any night any where with you is guaranteed 110% to be fun from start to end and yet again you delivered, also thank you for the opportunity to kick Raffy’s ass mulitple times over on Mario Kart.
Raffy - It’s so great to put a real face to the name, finally. You’re somehow more humble, adorable, funny and amazing than you are here and even now as I write this it upsets me, HARROWS me greatly knowing you’re several thousand miles away now and that it’s at least a year again until we see face-to-face. I’m crossing everything that this isn’t a one-off because…actually I don’t even want to think about that. It’s tearing me up.

Grazie, I miei amici. Sei sempre nel mio cuore. Sempre.





@Flower_Child: I LOVE DAKS BECAUSE SHE TAKES WALKS WITH LALA EVERYDAY and because daks always says cuuute to my ADOWABLE lotada so lotada told me to write this! AND BECAUSE DAKS IS A LOVELY PERSON. AND I LOVE TOGA.

@Tyler: I love rabibi because he’s rabibi and I play league of leggings with him and he dies as fiora with a score of like 0/8 BUT WE WIN but then we all have fun and because rabi is funny when he shouts at me to go to sleep. And he’s so good looking just like tyler so i called tyler and now he’s gonna come and throw lotadas at rabibi WAHAHAHHAHA i am evil lol

@Wobb: WObblurk doesnt like it when I call him wobblurk but he lurks and I lurk too and I love wobb because he always shouts when he says GO AWAY saleh and he always says funny stuff and makes cool and DARK pokemon like me, a dark sorcerer of evil and doom. But he’s a good blue haired boy who can play the flute.

@FaroreToC: Farore is a roar that helps me when im drawing my sprites. If it weren’t for farore then i would still be drawing bad junk. But you helped me improve in such a short amount of time WHICH IS CRAZY. Farora is the master of the secret forbidden spriting technique of zhiwu dazhan jiangshi huan mingxing, the legendary art passed down from generation to generation. Also it’s funny when he shouts AAAAAAAAA so he broke the yelling rule. Banned.

@Dedenne: dedenenenenenenenenenene I pronounce your name not as dede-nay but as de-denn. It sounds cooler like that and I like how positive you are and I LIKE YOU ALOT and you’re really nice so lala brought some chocolates but careful, she might have eaten some of them. AND I love shouting in dev lounge because its fun and youre fun too and everybody’s fun so lets order 30gb of ham for dedenne and catch alot of dedennes and throw them at each other. and I woke up at 3:15 am on the day I typed this so thank you for yelling at me so I can sleep xx

@Luna: Oogly boogly woogly googly, here’s that 30GB of ham you ordered. Deeply concerned, Triple gay. I LOVE YOUR MEMES THEYRE SO FUNNY WAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and you’re really kind and special.

@Sunny: DO not said do not said said do not said said do not said do not said. I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SAY DO NOT SAID one time I said it over and over 10 times for no reason. ALSO YOURE REALLY SWEET AND KIND and lala was kind enough to get you some kelps from the ocean. Best to eat them!

AND WHOEVER ELSE that I LIKE, this is for you too buddiz c:

Here’s a nice picture of lala for you lot:


@Limey-chan because idfk we just have this like…resonance when it comes to music. It’s weird, such a weird feeling. Thanks for all the Dubs <3.


I appreciate @Flower_Child because SZ looks really pretty <3
and you’re really nice

but I appreciate Pory more.


wob i appreciate ur memes and drawing and coot boy talks
pory says ur ok


I’d like to appreciate @Sam, we’ve only talked for a bit, but I really enjoy our conversations, and working together as discord mods. I also just love our competition with pokecord (even though it’s near impossible to catch anything with you and those hands around). You’re also just super fun to joke around with and a lovely iconic presence in the community.

P.S. sorry for the shit Ivs, its not fair :angery:


ok ik i already memed about appreciating @Wobb but lately he puts a lot of effort into brainstorming ideas for sz and helping run the dev server so u deserve all the appreciation


I appreciate @ you too because you always believe @ me


Again, I appreciate some of the users I’m chatting and having somw fun lately. So thanks Mike, Rabi, Szymek, Raffy, Iza, Loomie, Nick, Dak, Denne and if I forget anyone I’m very sorry pls tell me




Just a quick one to say thank you everyone for putting in the drive you do to keep this place not only floating put growing, too. It’s great to see the camaraderie and energy that has otherwise been previously invisible, I can only hope that I am playing my part instrumentally enough in converting this into physical progression of our forum. (:


Some shout-outs to some amazing people I’ve met over the past month who I feel I’ve started to grow close to, or who seem to just be really fun and friendly on discord.

  • @kaito has been a great friend to just talk to and discuss pokemon with, and you’ve been really friendly overall to everyone in the community! It doesn’t go unnoticed and I’m so glad you decided to join the forums. Also I look forward to talking about Pokemon Reborn more with you and you also are the SZ Discord’s first Clown, excluding mods.
  • @Rwne I’m enjoying discussing Reborn with you, and pokemon as a whole on discord. You’ve also been just friendly in general from what I’ve seen and you’re pretty active. I don’t know you all that well, but it’s been nice to discuss!
  • @Desox and @Wrath-o-Los I also don’t know you two all that well, but I immensely enjoy our Pokemon conversations and maybe just a bit of the combined hatred toward Let’s Go and sometimes Alola.
  • @Batwing1234 You just started Reborn so you’re basically one of my besties. Haha, but really you’re an amazingly cool dude, and I’m glad you joined and stuck around for everything, including the forums.
  • @Conos You’re playing Pokemon Reborn and your epic save fails are what keep me going each day. Lmao jk, you’re just fun to discuss pokemon with in general and you’re exceedingly active
  • @Specifice we haven’t dm’d much, but you’re fun to chat with and I’m glad you joined the forums and still talk about pokemon and other things despite joining for pokecord. I hope to get to know better soon!

Also a quick shoutout to @Sam and @Limey-chan for just being amazing friends who are always there for me. I love you guys so much :heart:


You da best


Pokecord was what I was initially looking for when I came across the server, but the description of a nice community is what really got me to join, and at this point I’m more here for the forums and chatting with you guys than Pokecord. You’re all beautiful people, and shout out to @Dedenne for helping this poor noob to get her color role on the server. You guys are so helpful and kind. (I usually hang out in the Pokecord channels when I’m not sure how to join in on other convos haha whoops)


Fuck my drag right


Long post because I have many people to appreciate :slight_smile:

@Limey-chan there’s not often I believe I’ve made a friend for life from online — but I think this time is definitely that time! You’re incredible, good fun and are there for me when I need it, it’s nice to have someone so close nearby we can plan things out in person too!

@Dedenne even though you clearly don’t appreciate me… I appreciate you. We’ve talked loads, you always have nothing but nice things to say and talk about, sometimes I don’t know how I would’ve coped without talking to you first!

@Raffee you’re molto bene. It was amazing to meet you this year, you’re so funny and just great to talk to. I hope little Umido is doing good!

@Tyler you’re alright too I guess. (This is code for I think about you very highly and I bully you out of love! xox)

@Flower_Child you do so much work here that I can’t even hold a candle to it. Thank you so much

@God a voice of reason whenever we need it. Always good to just talk to as well, the amount of references you have to things in your mind is unmatched.

@Sunny you’re so much fun and really really kind. I appreciate seeing you around and creating so much enjoyable discussion!

@Wobb I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you privately but I love all the work you’re doing for rom hacking here. Plus you show a level of maturity with it I admittedly wasn’t expecting, so thank you!


@Conos & @Wrath-o-Los I don’t talk to either of you much but you’re extremely regular and active on discord and I love seeing you both around!

@EvilChameleon you’ve impressed me a limitless amount. The work you do in entertainment, arguably against the tide at times, is super admirable. Thank you

@Juno you’re incredible for making all the art I request pretty much ASAP!

@Jay & @Nagi my OG besties. I will never ever forget you guys, you both rock and I love you both! You both deserve the world. Thank you

@Kaito, @Batwing1234, @Specifice. As I see you guys are all fairly new and I love seeing how easily you’ve fitted in here. You’re all so active and amazing so I appreciate seeing you around too!

• Everyone else on staff, you do awesome work keeping SZ going. We just keep growing, never forget that!

• Every other member here. You all keep us going also.


Oh special for @Glitter & @Kitty for dealing with my nagging and making something new work. Hopefully the momentum builds and builds!