User Appreciation

User Appreciation


I second this opinion, she’s doing a great job so far, and is insanely passionate!


thank you to everyone for being here and supporting the new site, we’re crossing everything to make sure we don’t let you down (:


Thumbs up to Dakota and the crew for setting this website up. Runs smooth, is incredibly fast, and feature packed. Good stuff.


Gotta give a shoutout to Nina and the rest of the crew making these awesome themes!


Big thanks to the people who are giving the canon idea in the roleplay section a go and also to those looking into participating in the standalone stuff. I can’t wait to see it build into a bustling section.


Hey it’s post ~100 for me (I think if I’ve read my profile correctly) - what a milestone! So a few things…

…HQ Team

What a cracking bunch of individuals you are and what a great team we are! I’m relieved that the New Forum has you at the helm and am very happy that I can be a part of it also. We’re working through our teething problems pretty well and hey the forum hasn’t burned down yet so we must be doing something good, right? I think we’ll go far, for sure.

…Staffing Team

Same sentiments echoed from above, really glad to have everyone on board, working with us to get Safari Zone up and running! We are looking miiiiiiiightyyyy fine and I cannot wait not only to work with you but to also bring some new blood into the ranks! You’re doing a great job so far and I appreciate you all sticking true to us here ta SZ.


Extra special mention for an extra special bab, cause you’re truly amazing girl. Don’t forget that <3


You’re working extra hard - sometimes too hard - on having this place running like clockwork and I appreciate that despite you essentially having this dumped on you, you’re trying your damndest to make it work. And I mean, you’re doing an incredible job! My only gripe is me not knowing enough to help you with anything.

…New Discord Moderators

You know who you are - YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING. So much activity and presence and involvement right off the bat, I’m so glad that we took all 4 of you on!

…The Users

Of course this place wouldn’t be bustling without, ya know, the people to be making the activity. Again in light of what has happened to cause Safari Zone to exist in the first place, it’s great that you have come here and supported the cause, as well as keeping it alive. I know it’s early days but I reckon we got something good going on people, so I appreciate all your efforts - intentional or not - towards making this happen!


I just wanna appreciate all the SZ staff for making, working on, and helping out with this site. I also wanna appreciate all the users for sticking with the new forum!


I too want to thank those who are sticking with us. It is a new experience for a lot of us when it comes to building a community from scratch so it feels good having so much support and seeing people enjoy the place.


This thread needs more posts guys

I want to give shoutouts to everyone keeping up the positive vibes here, as well as @Flower_Child for putting so much work into this site along with all the other devs to get it working under such short notice.


i am user appreciating at @Nina for making me a rad pixel avatar


everyone for being queens




I want to appreciate some people I’ve been talking to lately. So it’s been awesome talking to you and I hope to continue chatting and having fun Soap, Denne, Mike, Szy, Raf. So sorry if I forgot anyone.


Haven’t posted here yet, so it’s gonna be YUGE:

  • Dakota for her amazing work building this site, help with CSS, friendly nature and cool headedness
  • Fletch for being an amazing Owner and taking care of a shit ton of things no one else could probably handle
  • Aaron for being super active and friendly and fun, and helpful with CSS, also for hosting some bangin’ events!
  • Adriana for some amazing images in Discord
  • Angie for some nice fashion discussions
  • Limey for being an amazing new friend!
  • Jake for recommending some quality anime and being a fun person in general
  • Wobb & Farore for giving me some laughs in dev-lounge
  • Radiating, Bad Sheep, Archy, Kostas, and Serrah for chatting with me for awhile about common interests
  • Sam for being a fun person to make jokes with!
  • The following people for being active members of the communities discord and not always spamming complete shit in general and just being fun to strike up a random conversation: Canas, Sunny, AetheR, Soapy, Soaphie, Tetra, Saws, Jess, Alex/Marz, and Johnny

Most of you I’ve met and talked to and perhaps even befriended, and if I have I am so happy to have met you and chatted with you, you guys are amazing and I love each and every one of you! For those that I haven’t chatted with before I hope to in the near future be it prompted by me or you!

Again a big thanks to everyone that made all of this possible, meaning all of HStaff, especially Fletch and Dakota. I will try to do as much as I can for this community in the future!

This list isn’t wholly complete, but it’s everyone I’ve had on my mind recently, so if I missed you apologies in advance~


you must be mistaken about me
jk i appreciate it :slight_smile:


To alll you wonderful people who came and supported me during the turbulent 24 hours that was the Dubtrack Sesh, along with everyone who is sticking with coming to the Dubtrack more! I love you all! xx



rabinov is like


200 posts! why not create a little shoutout here, yeah?

@Flower_Child, you’ve been so hard at work not only working on ultra pory but also working on the 'zine as well. I cannot express how amazing you’ve been not at just trying to help this site take off, but simultaneously just trying to better the user experience overall. sometimes i wish that you would take a deep breath because i can imagine it would be massively overwhelming for you sometimes, but understandly you’re the only programmer around that understands discourse’s back-end so it all falls on you i guess. still though, you’re mad appreciated for what you do and don’t think for a second that you aren’t.

also, thanks for being a great friend, too.

@fletch you’re a hell of a strong leader, and you’re also really funny! i also really love how commmitted you are to see this place succeed. i do think as staff we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to go from 0 to 60 in such a short amount of time (which is understandable given the state of things). i do have the strong opinion though that growth of course doesn’t come overnight and i think things are probably going to be slow for a long while before they actually pick up. so don’t beat yourself up or anything, yeah?

@Sam bitch you’re an icon that’s all i have to say

@Tyler man, i can write an essay here! it seems like we’ve been through so many similar experience with our horrible past jobs. it’s like, without even trying, we already know what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes. not only that, but you’ve been such an amazing friend being there for me when i was super freaking out about personal stuff in my life. also, you’re like one of the few people here that share my musical tastes i think LOL.

@Dedenne hi bendenne!!! o/ you’re someone who has a hell of a lot of energy and you really do remind me of when i got modded on PC. you jump into discussions right away and try to think of as many solutions as possible. you’re also a great friend that tries to help out when you can, even if you can’t provide advice yourself, being a shoulder really is more than enough.

@Jake I feel like lately, you’re the person that speaks the uncomfortable and hard truth when everyone is thinking about it and yet doesn’t want to say it. You just… kind of come out with it, which I think is really admirable of you, tbh. I think your opinions on stuff warrant some really hard thought which is something that’s underrated (if that makes sense).

@ the rest of SZ Staff: I appreciate everyone who is hard at work at trying to help Safari Zone grow. I do think, as someone who has been through a lot of small forums back then, growth would normally be far slower before it ever skyrockets. But I have hope that we’ll be our own thing, even if we aren’t massive. We don’t need to be. We just need to be comfortable and fun and stuff.

@ the users: for everyone else, thank you so much for being the amazing people that you are. i hope everyone would continue to support SZ however we can. i understand this is an entirely different experience than what people are usually used to, but honestly? i think a change of scenery is a good thing, especially if it helps the user experience overall. i hope discourse at least grows on us overtime to the point where most things about it become second nature.

you guys are all fun, and i think having fun and a sense of humour and generally just being chill is the root of what SZ is all about. as long as we have the community, i think that’s all that really matters. call me naive, but that’s just the way i look at it.


i appreciate user @TY !!! you’re super fun and i hope things pick up


Not something i’d usually do, but given the circumstances I feel it’s necessary:

@Tyler @Fletch @Raffee
The word ‘legend’ is criminally overused, but I feel like it’s understated here, if anything. Seriously thank all three of you for this past week; Aaron and Fletch, you were both a pleasure to be around (yet again), and it was an honour to finally meet you, Raffaele, and I cannot wait until we all meet again.

ti voglio bene <3