User Appreciation

User Appreciation


I saw the daily chit chat so I said, why not? Sorry if anyone wanted to make this.

But, I think you know what to do here.

I’ll start. I appreciate everyone who contributed to this new forum!


I appreciate Dakota for her initiative here, and her continued work and strength to make all of her friends a happy place.


I appreciate all the staff here working their best to get this new community set up for everyone to use.


I appreciate @Flower_Child for all of her hard work and being super amazing.


Thanks for all your hard work, everyone! I appropriate what everyone did, and look forward to the future. :3


I appreciate everyone for doing their best on keeping this dream alive :heart:


hey we forgot to appreciate Juno for making our awesome logo <3
thanks to everyone who’s helped with everything :blush:



I appreciate everyone as well. It’s been quite a hectic month to say the least but I’m proud of everyone who has helped get this place up and going. It’s gonna be a fun ride


I appreciate everyone for staying positive and hopeful! I think we have a great group of people here.


I appreciate everyone for their ridiculously hard work, making this place as great as we all knew it could be. :’)


Not a thread!! A topic!

I appreciate y’all and your faces


THANK YOU @Flower_Child FOR MAKING DIV TAGS WORK :ok_hand: :fire: :ok_hand: :fire:


Like everyone else I appreciate all y’all for sticking around these last few weeks and for being supportive of one another. :heart:


appreciation to the dev team (I’m assuming???) for the live updates because whoa they’re cool. pretty nifty to see it say ’ @Fletch is typing a message’ (apart from when he takes way too long to type the message and you’re jsut sitting there waiting for it to appear)

super cool feature, and i’m sure there are more that i haven’t seen/more to come!

thanks guys for getting this place off the ground (:


Iirc that’s included in the forum software, but yeah it’s still really cool!

Total appreciation for @Flower_Child for literally building this site up. It’s amazing


Safari Zone is great because of the great @Flower_Child :hug:


I want to appreciate all the Moderators, Developers & Admins for all the hard work they put into this website. This website is just fabulous!!! :sunglasses:


I appreciate everyone for making this this far.


Major props to @Nina for pushing the art community. I’ve lost my passion but I’m so happy to see people striving for more creativity anywhere they go. <33