Unova Starters

Unova Starters


Which is your favorite, and how does it compare to what your choice was when the game’s were first announced.

And then does anybody dislike any of them more than Emboar.

I never liked emboar tbh, but Samurott was always my favorite when the pokemon were first leaking. Later on with contrary though Serperior became my favorite <3


Serperior is my favorite, end of story.

Emboar probably decayed in my appreciation of it, but at the same time that may be due to negative association as well.


When I first played Gen 5, Oshawott was my first choice. I liked having a Samurott in my party, but I prefer having Serperior. It’s too cool. I didn’t like Emboar’s line at all, but I was playing a casual run of Black 2 a couple of weeks ago and decided to choose Tepig. I might not like its evolution design, but it’s a solid pokémon to battle with.


Fun fact: I actually intensely disliked Serperior at first because coming from Gen IV I wanted something as badass-looking as Torterra and was immensely disappointed that we got a snake.

Serperior grew on me though. But it took a bit of time. :x


I started with Oshawott and I’ll end with Oshawott.