Umbreon's toxic origins

Umbreon's toxic origins


Umbreon’s toxic origins

Umbreon wasn't always intended to be a Dark type...

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How the heck did I have no idea :open_mouth:

Glad they made it a dark type though


Now I know not to piss an Umbreon off, haha

Seriously, this is a great backstory to my favorite Eeveelution! I honestly had no idea about the Dex entry being as such, but it makes sense, and even then, it’s still a “dark” (or maybe evil?) thing to do as well for an opponent.


Given the Eeveelutions fan that I am, I already knew this. I’m honestly glad they changed its typing cause I think the dark typing goes well with such a beautiful design.

Best Pokémon, you can’t change my mind. :ok_hand:


Yknow it’s kind of weird.

The trend in pokemon games is for Trios and duos to each have some sort of leg up on eachother, meaning each type is super effective to another in the Trios and the duos are usually neutral or both super effective. Johto broke this with the legendary dogs where entei was weak to water but not super effective against another type. The main Trio of eeveelutions did this as well and I guess they kind of continued it with the duos where Umbreon was super effective to Espeon and then Glaceon to Leafeon. Wonder how each games eeveelutions would have changed had they kept Umbreon poison. :thinking:

Perhaps Gen 6 would have had a duo then, with dark and fairy. Makes sense since Fairy is super effective to dark and the trend of one of the duo being super effective to another wouldn’t have been broken. :o


Good call there! Can’t wait to see if Gen 8 will have a new Eeveelution. Judging by what you said it should be a dragon type (weak to fairy from gen 6), but I’m also curious to see a flying type of some sort… guess we’ll just have to wait and see if TPC will even add one at all.