Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


Alright good. Let’s remove Zoska’s lying ass and be done.


Except I’m not lying? Hell, I can even go one step further for Aaron and confirm his innocence by revealing he’s my target to get lynched.

So yeah, confirmed your Vigilante for you. I’m not the Godfather, no one’s CC’d my claim and someone even investigated me. If the Jester wasn’t already dead, I’d really think you were just a bad Jester.


Plus, even after you kill the Godfather, you’ve still got the SK to find. So the game wouldn’t be over if you lynched me, you’d just be wasting a day.


Zoska has to be Executioner. It’s basically confirmed with the evidence we have. Sawsbuck confirmed Desi was Investigator, Desi gave us information about Magi and also verified that Zos is either Exe or Sheriff. Since I’m Sheriff and our Random Town (as a second Investigator) is already claimed, she’s Executioner.


Yeah apologies my report technically isn’t a blocked report I just read it as such cause TOS, I think my attack failed which means Zos is confirmed Executioner as they can’t die at night?

[Vote]EC What causes that jumping the gun so hard?


EC is seeming suspicious, but his contribution to Magi going down makes me think he’s at least not Mafia. SK is a possibility, albeit small imo.

I would like to say that there’s three roles that are unclaimed. Lookout, Godfather, and Serial Killer.

There’s three people who haven’t claimed yet. Sari, DishonoredElder, and Ho-0h.

You guys already know I’m suspicious of DishonoredElder, but more activity from these three is very pertinent. Having zero Lookout input so far is kinda weird as they can effectively be a lynchpin for confirming Maf/SK.


Wait, my apologies. Ho-Oh claimed Lookout. Forget that last comment about zero Lookout input. Day 2 was a busy day. So that means all of Town is claimed.


I don’t think Zos has any reason to lie at this point, she can’t kill anyone so we should concentrate on finding the killers first. I agree with Vulg that DishonoredElder is high on the suspicion list, given that he only comes in to vote and even then doesn’t contribute much to investigation. Him and Sari are a little sketchy, it’s possible they’re Godfather and SK.


Did Specifice claim doc at some point? Because they came up as Doc or SK when I investigated them


She did during Day 2, yes.


She claimed Mayor though :thinking:


I would encourage you to reread the topic. Actually, just finish the conversation where she claimed Mayor.


Oh I see now
[unvote] Specifice


I investigated ho-oh they’re confirmed lookout.

Random town killing role: vig is Tyler
Random town role: Mayor or Investigator
So either saws is lying or spaget is SK which I’m leaning into.
Sari, DE remains.



I came up as three different roles for him, one of which was Doctor. Those last two people you mentioned are probably most likely for Maf and SK since no one’s counter-claimed amy of rhe other roles (that I see, anyway.)

[Lynch] Sari


[vote] Sari
I’m the random town role investigator and Specifice had claimed Mayor to cover a Doctor claim which I hadn’t seen yesterday
Although have you given a list of who you’ve protected Specifice?


Specifice IS SK. Like if Dedenne was killed by SK AND Mafia… and only Specifice and Magipika (confirmed mafia) visited Dedenne then there’s no way that Specifice isn’t the SK when Shiny confirmed that what was sent to me was correct.

[lynch] Specifice

We kinda don’t want the SK running free if there’s no strong mafia leads. We have confirmed SK and that way we can gather more intel tonight on the other roles.

Also I was going to make an analysis post but I’m fucked after today.


@Tyler @EvilChameleon @Sawsbuck

Guys don’t go on hunches when we have a SK we can lynch tonight that we have confirmed is SK.

Why else would I be told that ONLY Specifice & Magi visited Dedenne on the night that the SK & Mafia visited Dedenne?


This means based on the claims the remaining mafia are Sari & Desox?
I’ll watch one of you two tonight, Desi investigate Sari and Saws investigate Desox. Easy fixed so mafia doesn’t have an easy target.

Then the following day we lynch the mafia and next day Zoska without any other town casualties.


What’s the vote count at so far?

Also, if the GF and SK birth get lynched, the game ends. Executioner isn’t a required kill in real ToS.