Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


But what if I were the Virgin…


If Specifice is indeed the mayor then Magipika is guaranteed to be mafia. But if Magipika flips as town then Specifice is mafia. No need to waste a visit on Specifice - only one of 'em could have killed Dedenne and according to almost everyone that had a NA, Magi came back as scum.

Source: I watch people sleep.


Spaget isn’t Mayor, she claimed her real role.


Oh wait I just read the post properly. Specifice is either SK or mafia then lol


What did she claim? Only SK and mafia visited Dedenne last night - Magi and Specifice.


She was trying to avoid revealing she’s the Doctor with a Mayor claim, but I’ve played a lot of ToS back in the day not proud and I knew her claim was bullshit. If she was the SK, Dedenne would’ve-

@Specifice when did Dedenne jail you?


I don’t see how she could be the doctor when it said SK and mafia visited. Like why would she hide being SK, we don’t want to lynch the SK do we?


Yes, we do want to lynch the SK, because the SK’s role is to kill everyone. They aren’t part of town, they’re a third-party killer. Town can’t win if the SK is still alive.


Oh shit I thought that was random town killing role.

Ok cool… who’s more the threat? Mafia or SK?


Hmmm. Magi must be SK. On N1 Dedenne jailed Specifice and there was still a SK action. Magi turned up as possibly SK in Desi’s report.


They’re both pretty bad because ToS’ Godfather is a lot more powerful than EM’s Godfather. ToS Godfather can’t die to night attacks, and neither can the SK. So if it turns out the random killing role town has is a Vigilante, it won’t be able to kill either of them.

I still think we should lynch Magi seeing as it’s confirmed he’s the Mafioso, but I think there’s a real possibilty Spaget’s the SK. When a Jailer jails an SK, if they don’t choose to execute them, the SK kills the Jailer instead. And it looks like the night Dedenne jailed Spaget is the night he died to an SK as well as the Mafia. But I’m not sure unless someone CC’s the Doctor claim. It could be that Spaget was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t want us to be trigger happy and end up losing our Doctor.


Wait no it said vig wtf

Fuck me lol


Ok yeah that makes sense. Specifice confirmed SK then.


She could be. Like I said, I don’t want to jump the gun and possibly lose a Doctor.


Well she visited Dedenne last night according to what I got back. She would have protected Dedenne if she really was doctor, right?


No, no, Dedenne jailed her. Spaget wouldn’t have been able to perform any night actions, because when you’re jailed, you’re essentially role blocked. But if an SK is jailed and not executed, they kill the Jailer. That’s why I’m leaning more on Spaget being a SK at this point, but unless someone CC’s her, I can’t know for sure.


Ffs town, look at the third party role doing all the work for you. Smh.


I mean I’ve got a whole day allotted to meme posting so if you need me for anything TP related just ask :hug:


[vote] abstain so far I haven’t really seen anyone to call sus. My last vote ended up being wrong so not gonna risk it again. 🤷


Freakin Sophie fuckin everything up xD

Yea I think it’s possible that spaget is SK since Mafia and SK choose the same person last night. Since spaget was jailed she killed the ded like Sophie said. I think we should go for confirmed mafia or everyone want to lynch unconfirmed SK?

And idk is it possible for saws to be investigator too? I proved my role with Sophie claiming as executioner while saws just said what is already known to everyone. I can investigate him this night to conform.