Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


I agree


Wouldn’t claiming put the protective roles at risk?

Also, I’m wondering Zos’ target has already been killed or not. Cuz if they have then she could be looking to get herself lynched and win the game in the next couple phases.


Role list

Desi: Investigator?
EC: Escort?
Vulgar: Sheriff?
Saws: Investigator?
Iluv: Medium [DEAD]
Dedenne: Jailor [DEAD]

Fletch: Framer [DEAD]
Magipika: Mafioso?

Gunner: Jester [DEAD]
Me: Executioner

Unknown Players
Specifice, Sari, Dishonoured, Ho-oh and Tyler.

It’s very possibly that the remaining mafia and the serial killer are amongst you 5. That’s why you should claim as soon as possible.

I’m not looking to get myself lynched, my target is still very much alive but with my role already been blown out, there’s no point in me trying to get them lynched for the time being yes, that’s still on my list of things to do because that’s my role. But right now I just want to help the Town.

And yes, it’s possible claiming would put protective roles at risk, but Saws and Desi and EC all claimed knowing that risk was on them as well. With 5 unknown roles floating about, now is the best time to claim. It puts a tight net on the last mafia member and the serial killer. Unless there’s a more specific reason you don’t want to claim, Spaget?


Those were obvious risky moves and they knew the chances they were taking by doing it. I just figured it would be better off leaving the protectors in hiding since they weren’t the ones who made that choice. But at this point, if everyone is gonna end up doing it, I’m the Mayor.


And now here’s where things get complicated about your role claim.

The role list for town is:
Look Out
Random Town Killing (so either Vigilante, Veteran and I think Jailer)
Random Town (so literally any town role)

We’ve had two investigator role claims, which is very possible because of the random town slot. But then you’ve gone ahead and claimed Mayor, so now we have the question: Who is lying out of you and Saws? Because I don’t think Mayor falls under Random Town Killing. If this works like normal Town of Salem, you should have the option to ‘reveal’ your role so your vote will count for three.

@Shiny are you able to confirm if Mayor can do that in this format?


Mayor can be a Random Town role. The only role that can’t be repeated is Jailor


I know it can be a random town role, but what I was asking is if the Mayor can reveal themselves and get the 3 vote bonus. Unless you can’t answer that?


tbh I think it’s more likely that there’s one of each role than a double Investigator. With all the investigative and defensive roles we have I think that would be really unbalanced for the opposing factions. Tyler soft-claimed a killing role, and so far I don’t really have a reason to doubt that he’s the Random Town Killing role. So that just leaves the other random role.

I was wondering that too actually, is there a noticeable difference in my votes now?


Because we have a second investigator claim, and now a mayor claim. If the mayor is able to do what they can do in the actual game, then it can prove that Saws or possibly even Desi is lying.


I can investigate Specifice maybe
But yeah Desi came up as Investigator or Mayor and he’s talking about being an Investigator so not doubting his claim


Oh gosh sorry! I misread. Yes the mayor can reveal themselves and get the 3 vote bonus.


Sweet, last question dw, do we get GM post if the Mayor tells you they wanna reveal themselves? Like they do in the game?




Thanks, that’s all I needed to know.

Your move, guys.


So much for trying to keep the protective roles safe. "-.-


Not sure what you mean by that :thonk:


I don’t know much about ToS, so that kinda screwed with me a bit, but I figured it was the only low profile-ish role that would deflect attention from a Doctor. :eyes: Since it doesn’t signify that I can visit.


Wait, I’m confused. I’m gonna assume you’re lying about claiming Mayor, but that was to cover up being the Doctor? Or are you something completely different? :stuck_out_tongue:


The Doctor lmao That’s why Dedenne let me go, because I told him my role.


Oh shit, okay :dyinglol: