Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


Beside I’m your best bet to find godfather since they will just show town in your report.

And don’t just vote and leave pls.
What do you guys think about sari and Tyler?


If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but it’s awfully convenient. As far as I can tell, we have a few people, while active, not saying much, so that’s out, as far as the CC. Wasting a day to lynch someone that has zero effect on SK or Maf is not a good idea since that’s just potentially 2 more town deaths. Regardless, just throwing my thoughts out there. We’ll see what happens.


Yea I’m fine with that. But I’ve not seen any mafia player playing such bold game at start of day 1.
I just want to cover more ground.


I’ve been playing a lot of ToS lately, and it happens pretty often. The first person to gain control of the game can influence the outcome greatly.


I’m not saying lynch them now but if you don’t believe me next day you can lynch and see for yourself. Beside I don’t think any player here is dumb enough to not get highlight of day 1 which was my and EC’s reveal.


Well sorry but I’m not GP or Johnny xD

Edit: Anyway my top scum reads are DishonoredElder, Sari and Tyler.

Idk much about spaget since ded let them live beside that saws got voted by magi aka mafia but I still has null read on him.

Ho-oh seems like town but we will tonight.


At the same time, however, the only information we needed to prove that Magi is Mafioso is EC RBing him, Framer being dead, and him coming up as Mafia for me. As far as lynching Zos, I didn’t mean now. I meant at all. It’s a waste of a day. Also this is my first forum mafia game, so while you all have history, I have none of that and won’t be relying on past experiences.


Apply more pressure and see if we can root out others potentially, Desi you’re comment of “Why is no one ccing me” is a bit weird???

No CCs soon means Pika is our maf and vulgar is cleared along with Desi.

If you’re scumreading based on activity, don’t. Never been a fan of that because it just screams desperate maf looking for the easy kill; I’ve been busy but if we can get a good scum read I’ll deal with them tonight.


Ikr rabi but look at Sophie she was little inactive and she is tp
Sari is always like that.
Still DishonoredElder just sneaked in last minute vote that screamed scum to me. But that might be 'cause they’re new or busy? Still I expect a abstain from a busy person.
I gave my thoughts I hope everyone do too. Good night then.


I’m mostly inactive rn since it’s the height of college app season :’)
I wasn’t able to vote last day since Shiny ended it 3 hours early at 8am for me >:0

Other than that, I don’t have much to say since there’s already been plenty of role reveals and this day seems pretty sorted out already and it makes sense with where we are currently going, so nothing to add.


Yeah, my apologies. I ended the day a bit early since I got most of the votes and then iluvmuffins ended up dropping out and I highly doubted anyone was gonna change their votes to someone else the last 3 hours, most were abstains.

My b! QvQ/


It is a little jarring to have info and a lynch so quickly, but that is pretty solid evidence. Although we can’t get too quiet, cuz that just gives the guilty parties more reason not to participate in discussion.

I know inactivity isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s best to give a reason why you’re inactive to give it more…credit? Leeway? One of those. Sari has given her reasoning, Saws has made several comments but not really done much overall, and DishonoredElder I think has only made one lynching post? They are new though, so idk there. Tyler made a lone lynch post last Day phase, but he’s here now (And also hinting at a killing role?) We gotta be careful not to rule out activity, because your activity doesn’t determine the role you’re given.

So I’m gonna go for the confirmed info and [Lynch] Magipika


[Vote] Magipika

I’m seriously so bad with this role. People need to stop giving me lyncher/executioner type shit to do.

I get the uncertainty Town has with a third party role hanging around, but like Vulg said, I don’t have any effect on the town and with 2 mafia possibly already down (assuming Magi is mafia), there’s no way I’m gonna vote against town. Plus, I can’t be killed at night, so I’m gonna be the most annoying thing for the sk and the mafia to deal with.


Can confirm Desi is an investigator btw


How can you confirm that? :thonk:


I’ve probably said too much…


I think you might have, but you’ve got me curious now as well as possibly painted a target on yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Care to elaborate?


I’m an investigator too, the reason that I investigated Desi was because I thought that there being another investigator was strange
He’s either Investigator or Mayor


Oh shit, ohhh, I forgot in ToS there can be multiple of the same role :dyinglol:


I mean, at this rate with every just claiming their roles, I think everyone else should claim as well. It’ll be the easiest way to figure out who the mafia and the sk are.