Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


Oof, two reveals on Day one is risky, but I can kinda see why he did it. With potentially two killings happening a night, it would have been good to have another confirmed killer ready for lynching. Also, what is it about Magi that makes him so suspicious lol

I think the fact that revealing painting a target on your back means that at least these two are genuine in their claims.


Why y’all claiming roles we don’t wanna lose day one o_o


Wow, so I missed a lot this afternoon, super busy powering through the last day of Inktober :eyes: … If I knew I was going to be so popular last night, I would have gotten autographs ready or something xD

So, I’m not really sure why I’m being voted for, since I was roleblocked last night… I don’t know what you think I did, since I couldn’t actually do anything. We’re definitely a bit more at risk now because you guys decided to out your roles so early in the game, especially one of our main investigators and our roleblocker; if we lose either of you, it’s going to be that much harder to find out who the killing roles are, since those are some of the best equipped roles to narrow that down. I feel like you probably should have waited until you got some info that helped confirm a Mafia or not, but it’s too late for that now; hopefully this doesn’t mess up our chances too much. Despite all nine of the Town still alive today, we should at least try to be a little bit more cautious >.>

Still a very good first day; probably the best we could have had :’) Besides the night kills, not much more to go off of, but this game certainly has the potential to go really fast with the Mafia, SK, and the Jailer and Town killing roles, so I guess be prepared for some crazy stuff to happen : o

Also, personally, I despise wigs. :wobblurk: (And @Desinishon whomst the heck is Tasukete-Doc-san)


Okay so reading up… great start to the day but role revealing at this point is just silly especially when nobody has their sights set on you yet.

Curiously I don’t think anyone would CC this early but rather just keep that info for the future knowing that they are defo scum.

Executioner - A neutral evil role, they just…REALLY HATE this townsperson and want them DEAD. They just are so annoying. They need to convince the town to lynch their target but if your target gets killed instead of lynched…you become nuts and want yourself lynched! You have no reason to live anymore!! Executioners can’t be killed at night. <— EC’s sudden “reveal” for no actual reason makes me think he’s actually the Executioner instead and Magi is his target.

Desi seems town but we defo need to get a protection role on him if so.

From my counting there is five roles that can kill? That’s… potentially really crazy.

I’m curious about what:

Random Town - Randomized town role. The one who gets this will get details on their role.

Entails. Is there a particular role the OP is lacking?


It’s a secret role, no details are given to anyone but that person from my understanding of ToS.

This is a good point, but does the Executioner win if they kill their target via lynch?

Nica is right in that it’s beyond strange that people would role claim this early. But, if EC wasn’t the escort we should have a counter claim. Even if it’s early…


If we’re looking for a counter-claim, @Sawsbuck @DishonoredElder @vulgar and @iluvpuffins have yet to weigh in. It’s possible that if EC is lying and is actually Executioner then one of them may be the real Escort.

But until we see one, considering that revealing does bring attention to oneself has me leaning on the side that EC is truthful.


I mean, it specifically says they have to die by lynch…

Anyways, there’s almost no chance EC is lying. First, I still confirm I was role blocked. It’s not like he just happened to guess that the same night… Also, even if that weren’t enough, I sincerely doubt the Executioner would risk being CC’d so early. Relying it on being someone who doesn’t talk much is in no way a solid strategy for Third Party regardless.

So it turns out ToS isn’t actually just the theme of the game and is a whole different style of Mafia, if I actually read the description :wobblurk: , I almost started spouting EM roles but I’ll have to look at those and get back to you.


There is almost no chance. I just want to wait for a counter claim before we believe he is the escort, despite the evidence pointing toward him being it. It’s very likely that several of the members in this game, new and returning players who still haven’t replied, may not at all. So we may not get confirmation. That doesn’t lead to a lynch of EC per se, just a dramatic wait.

Also I have no idea what Desi is doing…

And the escort merely distracts someone each night, which is why I’m questioning anything EC says because he simply voted for you with no knowledge, only that he blocked you successfully if he is the escort. And EC is not one to vote first, by any means. In the other game he literally just talked about it. It’s beyond strange.

I’ll be back, but for now
[vote] vulgar

We’ll see what is to come


@Magipika- It was tasukete- >help me Mr. Doctor

It was 50-50 that either magi could be mafia or town so I went with it and revealed. I knew it was bad idea but with 3 Nk roles I thought it was OK…I was going to investigate Tyler, just 'cause rabi is always active and also changing phase of other mafia game so he should have dropped here : p but i think i’ll investigate Zoska now…cop can investigate other person? Up to them.

I don’t know if I’ll be back but I’ll try



I’m not particularly sure why Dedenne voted for me, since I haven’t said anything up until this point. Seems odd to me. I have no counter claim on EC, but I also don’t have anything of substance yet.


Just going to weigh in here real quick since there is some confusion about Executioner.

Executioners win if their target gets lynched. Other alignments can still win along with their win, so it’d be important to get the winning Exe on your side if that’s the case. IF the Executioner’s target dies at night or not from being lynched, they will turn into a Jester and could only win by being lynched themselves. In this case, if a Jester is lynched they can kill someone who guilties or abstains from their lynch vote from beyond the grave. So Jesters could either kill a good guy or be on town’s side and kill a bad guy. (Even SK, I might have to double check that, though.)

A lot of potential killing roles here, I know but that’s how ToS is set up, lol


the wig has been snatched


Go for it, I can’t do anything during the night, anyway. I said you shouldn’t have claimed so early because in the games I’ve played in, players claiming their investigative roles early don’t usually end well. And if both mafia and sk come for you, the doctor can only protect you from one attack. Bit meta, I know, but that’s usually what happens.


Day 1 claiming really isn’t a good idea

[vote] no one


I don’t like the idea of being lynched for no reason, particularly if I’ve been cleared of Mafioso and SK as Zoska said, just because EC couldn’t be bothered to explain his vote. I might vote for Saws since he hasn’t really said anything that hasn’t already been said by like five other people, or really anything at all, unless you guys have any other leads.


You guys have a few more hours (untill around 2pm EST) to submit your votes. You can either abstain or vote someone but please do one of the two.

@vulgar @Specifice @iluvpuffins @DishonoredElder @Magipika @Ho-Oh @Saridlin @Tyler


I’m going to…

[Lynch] iluvpuffins

Since they made one comment here but it didn’t help Town at all. : /


I’m going to agree with the above lynch simply because while a lot of people are saying things of little value… iluvpoffins is contributing the least to town.

[Lynch] iluvpuffins

As for EC I’m going to see if anyone CC’s and then we can go from there tomorrow. If we don’t get a CC then I think it’s safe to believe him (either that or someone really wants to keep their role quiet but I HIGHLY doubt that). So if you are the Escort and you’re not EC… let us know. If you are EC and you are the escort you’re all good. And if so we will want to get someone protecting him (can anyone protect him?) I’d definitely advise someone to protect Desinishon tonight though as from my understanding he is currently more valuable.


Like I said lookout can look EC and doc can be on me.


I think I’m also going to agree with the above lynches since, like they said above, iluvpuffins said one thing that had nothing to do with what was going on, and kinda refused to help the town.

[Lynch] iluvpuffins