Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


[Lynch] Sari

Might’ve felt one-sided but then neary all of my games have had huge lucky streaks from Mafia eliminating key PRs from the get go, could be one of those instances.


If I’m being honest, this game wasn’t Town-leaned. ToS is a lil different from regular mafia iirc, and they tend to go a lot quicker. There were a few inactives that were apparently key roles (like Sari), and just some opportunities that were missed imo.


Yeah, ToS is more of a fast paced game, but this is a ToS-themed Mafia game. In this set up, it’s still going to be more paced out than the usual games you’re used to playing. And a town with four investigative roles in mafia is quite town-leaned, even with the Mafia having a Framer and Godfather.


In regular ToS, I can agree that having four investigative roles for town is fine because with a game that fast paced, no one is going to have the chance to digest information. So the mafia can use that to their advantage. But with phases lasting 48 hours in Mafia, people have the time to unpack what’s going on, and that can be a Mafia team’s downfall if they aren’t good at convincing people otherwise.


I keep thinking maybe we should go at this again because it may SEEM like a town lean but with only one game to show for it, doesn’t make a fair assessment.
Theres Mafioso to kill, framer to frame, Serial killer to kill, Jester to get lynched and then either side with town OR mafia, and then exe to kill a townie.

I still believe the ToS set up is balanced, despite the change of pace though


That’s the thing, though. It wasn’t just because there was 4 investigative roles, 2 of those roles were both Investigators. That in itself should’ve just been enough. Or maybe 1 Investigator and 1 Sheriff. It didn’t help that the Mafia had bad luck with the SK right at the start of the game, but that’s just down to luck.

I mean, it just wasn’t that balanced. That’s how it feels to me. There was no way I was gonna get my target lynched during this game, either. :woman_shrugging:


I mean I see what you mean, but I had to allow it since it could happen in ToS. I wasn’t sure how this would end up but overall Im happy with the game! XD It has some good moments


In all fairness, Magi kinda just gave up once he got outed instead of trying to redirect. Or… do something? Zos, you also claimed that you would still try and do your role, but you ended up just assisting town. The Random Town landing on investigator was pure RNG, so it’s not like that’s something that can be controlled. Like I said, there were missed opportunities on third party roles and Mafia. Even if Town had every tool that they did, it’s not their fault if the other roles don’t act.

That’s not even mentioning Sari, who did nothing the whole game.


I ended up assisting the town because there was pretty much zero chance of my target getting lynched once it was revealed my target is always a town role. There really wasn’t much else I could do in that situation.

The way I see balanced game is if all factions have an equal chance at winning at the start of the game. Even if certain players hadn’t gone inactive, I feel like Town still had a higher chance than the other two factions, regardless. I’m not saying this hasn’t been a good game, because it has. It just wasn’t balanced. Not many games have more than 3 investigative roles for Town because they just become OP.


The game did have equal chances of winning at the start of the game. We can’t control RNG for the second Investigator role, and who knew that the Framer would get killed on N0? If it seems unbalanced, outside of what I’ve already described, it’s because Fletch got killed by SK.


No, I know the Framer getting killed Night 0 was bad luck. But I’m saying, even if he hadn’t, this game still would’ve been unbalanced. There was not a fair chance all around and I’m not the only one who’s verbalised this. The RNG role could’ve easily been rerolled to avoid that as well.

Anyway, that’s the last I’m gonna comment on it. The game’s still running.


pfft, there’s not really anything I could do at this point tbh.
I’ve already explained myself previously about my inactivity, but in terms of night actions, I keep on the ball. Not really good at discussions or anything once I’ve been backed into a corner since I certainly don’t see any way in swaying the opinion xD

Though I do apologize for certainly being quiet most of the time, especially this last day; definitely did not provide a fun challenge for you all in trying to figure me out.


Day 4 (Game Over)

The townsfolk had it figured out for awhile now, they just had to…y-you know, lynch everyone one at a time! It makes sense! Anywho, the target today was forced onto the stage, facing the crowd of townsfolk and gave a sheepish smile. All she had to say for herself was “Pfft, there’s not really anything I could do at this point tbh.” truer last words have never been spoken.

Saridlin is dead! She was the God Father! We could not find a last will.

Town Wins!


Vulgar as the Sheriff
Zoska as the Executioner
Dedenne as the Jailor
Specifice as the Serial Killer
Magipika as the Mafioso
Sawsbuck as the Investigator
Iluvpuffins as the Medium
Saridlin as the God Father
DishonoredElder as the Doctor
Ho-Oh as the Look Out
Salzorrah as the Jester
Fletch as the Framer
Desinishon as the Random Town Investigator
EvilChameleon as the Escort
Tyler as the Vigilante



Magi wanted me dead smh



Also lol town. Y’all had the sk handed to you and thank God Nica said something. I was shaking the entire time cause it was the easiest thing to figure out and nobody even scrolled up to read


Pulls off DishonoredElder’s mask to see it was Dedenne all along!




Lmao I was about to be pissed RIGHT off if nobody listened to me. I was like GUYS COME ON IT’S ALL IN FRONT OF YOUUU.


Looking back, I wouldn’t say that the game was Town-leaned exactly, we just had such terrible luck every night phase that we got screwed pretty badly… getting visited and narrowed down twice, not taking out any Town N0, losing Fletch N0 and forgetting to use the Framer’s NA, and then ending up on the same Town target N1 and Sari visiting the SK N2 :dyinglol:

All in all it was just a pretty rough start, I had no idea I wasn’t in the clear after Day 1 but after that I didn’t see a good result from fighting solid evidence from three claimed Town roles.

But nice job Town on figuring out Sari and murdering the heck out of Spaget! :’)