Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


It wasso confusing -_- Spaget is Doctor

Didn’t even saw doctor claim, just mayor one.
Why didn’t mafia killed you. Or mafia is just inactive.




Specifice ISN’T doctor.
Dedenne was killed by Mafia and Serial Killer.
The ONLY two people that visited Dedenne on that night was Specifice and Magipika.
If Jailer doesn’t kill then the Serial Killer can kill the Jailer.
Magipika is Mafia.
Specifice is Serial Killer.

You can see it above in the flavour text, like literally only those two visited Dedenne that night. I don’t know if Sari is mafia or not but you’re letting a confirmed SK run free and this is so maddening I swear.

If you guys want town to lose that’s on you but srs y’all. I swear if Specifice kills me tonight imma yell at you all. Specifice if you kill me I will be out for your blood.


Knowing how this game is going Sari’s probably the bloody real doctor :expressionless: Can someone investigate Sari tonight and can we just kill the SK today? Like… you’re letting the confirmed SK just sit there happily twiddling their thumbs just WAITING to kill me or Desi or Saws tonight.

Cuz newsflash:
SK can target Desi.
Mafia can target Saws.

Town = a little fucked over if that happens. If we kill the confirmed SK today at least we’ll still have ONE investigative role left. There’s no actual reason for thinking Sari is mafia other than Sari being inactive… like that’s so silly guys come on go for the ACTUAL CONFIRMED SERIAL KILLER. Bloody hell. At least kill the SK today and investigate who the potential mafia people are tonight. Like, that’s logical. Really really logical. If you kill Sari and Sari isn’t mafia then SK and mafia get two free kills tonight. Do we really want that?

Specifice isn’t doctor, serious y’all. Shiny only put “potentially doctor” just to specifically fuck with us so we can have fun getting fucked with but THE TRUTH Y’ALL is that Specifice is 100% the Serial Killer. Read my previous post. There’s NO way in the entire mafia universe that Specifice ISN’T the SK. Like, go ahead. Find some niche rule that proves otherwise but I doubt you’ll find it because GUYS COME ON Specifice is SK. Ok. Goodnight.


[unvote] Sari
[vote] Specifice
You do have a point


[Vote] Specifice

I was gonna try and argue that we wait for @Saridlin and @DishonoredElder to actually say something, but them not saying anything is gonna make this much easier if Spaget flips Doctor.

Literally makes zero difference for me because I can’t win now :woman_shrugging:


You guys!




Good points are being made about Specifice. We still have 28 hours before phase change though, so I’ll let more dialogue play out before I vote.


It’s kinda interesting that Speci would come up as either a Doc or an SK :wobbthink:


You keep saying I visited Dedenne, but I physically couldn’t visit anyone that day because I was jailed. Also, not super sure what Desi’s post is saying, but I haven’t been killed yet because I visited myself last night since I was pushed into outting.

Doesn’t it strike anyone else as odd that no one has counter-claimed either? If I was lying someone would have called me out on it. But no, instead we have two extremely quiet players who haven’t role claimed or even offered much in the way of helping the Town.

Idk why you’re getting so worked up, I’m not “potentially Doctor,” I am the Doctor. Three roles come up with an investigation, and that’s my role. And we’ve got the suspects pretty narrowed down by this point, there’s a slim chance of us losing now. I’m sticking with my vote for Sari.


[Unvote] Spaget

[Vote] Sari



Shiny said Specifice and Magipika visited Dedenne. The flavour said the SK & Mafia visited Dedenne.

Unless you are accusing Shiny of lying… ???

This is black and white.


Wait, what do you mean Shiny said “Specifice and Magipika visited Dedenne”? :thonk:


Yes literally. That was sent to me on the night that I watched Dedenne.


And this.


Oh, I didn’t see that during the last day phase, my bad.

[Unvote] Sari

[Vote] Spaget

See, the problem the SK has when it’s jailed is it’s screwed either way. Because if it’s executed, that’s it, it’s dead. But if the Jailer spares them, they automatically kill the Jailer. They don’t get a choice in the matter, and with wills being a thing, you’d have to count on a miracle that the Jailer didn’t mention your name. That means either Sari or Elder is the Doctor, which is where things get more complicated.

I suggest putting an investigator + sheriff on one, and then an escort + investigator on the other one so we can figure out which of the two is the last mafia member. And then Nica looks out at one of the investigative roles just in case the escort didn’t hit the godfather.


I’ll investigate Sari tonight


We still got vig if spaget doesn’t turn out to be SK then rabi can just shoot sari or DishonoredElder tonight.


Godfather and SK can’t be killed by night attacks. SK can only die at night to a Veteran, which we don’t seem we have in this game. So you’ll still have two anti-Town roles loose tonight.


Having seen everything said so far, sorry Spaggy.

[Vote] Specifice


Damn, why y’all gotta role claim on Day 1, I’m suing :joy:

I just wanted to help you find the Mafia. ;_; So I’ll let you guys know that I tried to kill Sari last night, but her “defense is too strong.” Unless she had a Doctor on her that night, she’s your Godfather.