Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four

Town of Salem Mafia - Day Four


Town of Salem Mafia

You’ve been transported back in time to 1692 a time where witch accusations were thrown left and right. The only issue here is…there are no witches! That’s right, this is the Town of Salem Game we’re talking about, classic mode to be exact!

Game Mechanics

This will be a standard game with all the roles from a classic game of ToS Mafia, those roles will be listed below. The roles are pretty much the same as EpicMafia’s roles but you could still look at the ToS roles here or here. Also, certain roles might be changed to fit the description given a bit better or to make things similar to the game mechanics that forums don’t supply me.

The day phase will last 48 hours and the night phase will last 24 hours. The day is used to discuss game things and night is used to wait or use your action.

The Rules

    • All standard SZ rules apply.
    • No PM sharing
    • Do not discuss this game outside of this thread and designated chats.
    • Format voting as [Vote] Player Name. Abstaining is allowed; format it as [Vote] Abstain.
    • You may only abstain for two days, same with not voting. Doing this any longer results in being removed.
    • You may have and post a will, it can be anything ranging from something funny to useful and game-changing.
    • I tried to nail all possible information I could about the roles but please, if you have ANY questions feel free to send me a message on here or at my discord!
    • There will be a dead chat to match the ToS format a little bit more, so I’ll ask if you’d like to be added if/when you die.
    • Don’t die if you’re trying to win unless…you’re the jester. :wink:


The innocent but paranoid town folk, anyone could be evil…! They are the majority but only win if all mafia members and SK are dead.

Sheriff - The town investigative role, the good cinnamon roll who was trained to see if people are suspicious or not. Though, can identify the SK. Selects who to investigate at night.

Doctor - The town protective role, they’ll protect anyone at night free of charge!

Investigator - The other investigative town role, they’re a bit more thorough with their investigations and tend to narrow it down to a few groups what someone might be…

Jailer - The town killing role, they’re tough and suspicious of others. They will jail someone for a whole night and will decide that person’s fate. They can decide who to jail during the day(PM me), then at night talk to them. The person jailed is role-blocked and immune to outside attackers. Jailor will be anonymous during jailing.

Medium - Supportive town role, they studied in the art of white magic and have found out how to talk to the dead, more specifically…one dead person per night. If the medium dies, they’re able to perform one seance in the afterlife to talk to whomever they wish at night.

Escort - Another town support role, they’re just looking for a night of fun, something to do other than feel paranoid about who is evil and who isn’t. They choose to distract someone each night, are immune to role blocking and if they decide to distract a serial killer…they will be attacked.

Look Out - Another investigative town role, they’re possibly the most paranoid of the bunch or just plain nosey…they’ll choose someone to watch each night to see who visits them.

Random Town Killing - Randomized town killing role. The one who gets this will get details on their role.

Random Town - Randomized town role. The one who gets this will get details on their role.


The evil bad boys of the town who want nothing more than to see those disgustingly good townies DEAD. They know who their friends are and even though they’re the minority, they’re dangerous killers. They win if all town is dead and neutral parties are dead.

Godfather - Mafia killing role, he’s the big ol’ mean daddy who is the exact opposite of a good townsfolk but…his charm is on point! He appears innocent to the sheriff and is immune to night attacks. He’s a bit lazy so he chooses who the Mafioso gets to kill and only gets his hands dirty if the Mafioso dies. Godfather CAN leave a threatening note after one or each kill. This is optional.

Mafioso - Mafia killing role, the Godfather’s right-hand man, they strive to carry out their leader’s wishes and win alongside the mafia. If the Godfather dies, they take charge and become the new big boy in town.

Framer - The deceptive mafia role, they’re skilled in planting evidence. They make their target appear evil and if there are no more killing mafia roles alive, they become the new Mafioso.


These guys don’t really care about the innocent or guilty so it’s up to them with that they choose to do.

Executioner - A neutral evil role, they just…REALLY HATE this townsperson and want them DEAD. They just are so annoying. They need to convince the town to lynch their target but if your target gets killed instead of lynched…you become nuts and want yourself lynched! You have no reason to live anymore!! Executioners can’t be killed at night.

Serial Killer
A neutral killing role who is tired of all the screaming and fighting going on in town. They just want silence. At any night they choose to, they go out and murder their target, they’re too strong to be killed at night except if it’s by a Veteran. If someone tries role blocking them, they attack the role-blocker instead of their original target. Serial Killer CAN leave a threatening note after one or each kill. This is optional.

A neutral evil role, they really itch to see the afterlife and just want to see it! They read in a book once that suicide is a sin though, and won’t gain access to the afterlife if that happens so they NEED to convince others to lynch them! It’s the only way!! If Jester is lynched, they have the choice of killing one person who guiltied or abstained from the votes that following night.

The Players



I’m fukken in.


Yeet me in


I’ve been in for 2 weeks :zoomeyes:


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I’m ready! Looking forward to an early dead chat >:)


I’m suss of Magipika we should d1 lynch him I know it >:)




hai can i be in i love town of salem


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Just need five more slots, everyone :heart:




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Maybe? ovo… >v> You’re in, it’s a definite


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I suppose that if two more people don’t join soon I’ll figure out which roles to rid of so we could start with 13.


You asked, I answered. In.