Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


it’s the same for me! I see packages out for delivery at like 7:45 or 8 am, but they’re not on my doorstep until almost 5:00 pm.

That and we never have a consistent time on mail delivery in my town. Some days it’s here at like 1:15 and other times it’ll be closer to 7:00.

EDIT: and wtf…I go to look at a package I’m expecting today and boom nailed it


hi babs




hello friends





My company gave me a laptop today. :> It’s not the best (i5-5200u, 4gb of RAM), but also better than nothing.


oo nice


ew 4 GB. 8 GB should be the minimum imo


In fact I plan on upgrading it, with an SSD as well.


or take it to the max and give it 16 gigs of RAM :fufu:


I don’t know if they’ll allow it because I think it’ll all be at the expense of my company lol. Honestly, I’m good with 8 gigs as well. I still have the same amount on my desktop PC with no issues.


I spent at total of like $140ish on textbooks this semester.

Way cheaper than I thought I’d spend. Mostly because like… they’re just e-book codes that cost like $70 each so… in the end it saved me a ton of money and hassle over carrying a physical book.

Just thought I’d mention!


My English classes refuse to allow digital versions so I’m up to $480 or something so far :killme:

But I do plan to sell back my math book so there’s that hehe

Glad you were able to save though!


i was a fool when i started college and actually bought textbooks
since then i havent bothered


The worst part is when you have to buy that access code just to submit your assignments and take quizzes and tests


I can’t afford community college so idek how I’m going to afford textbooks eventually


Loans and credit cards :sunglasses:




ur a gr8 role model


yeah that’s basically the case for me