Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


I’m happy too at my school but the stress with my classes is what’s killing me


Has someone here started working at Buzzfeed’s press? :joyCancer:



we need more clickbait




Me right now.


college started last Monday but alas no money to start so I’m still hanging around at home doing nothing lmao


this is why financial aid is a thing. @__@

anyway hello all i hope everyone is having a good day

i have to haul ass to work soon so there’s that


And student loans yeet

I just woke up but I think I’ll have a lazy day today

Have fun after work though Angie!


exept i’m having a movie party tonight


I gotta wait for financial aid to post or something
I’d probably have to pay for most with loans anyways which in that case I’m just gonna drop out and go work a dead end job or something ¯_(ツ)_/ ¯


If you think you’ll drop out don’t go

Very few people actually have money to start, almost everyone take out loans to get through college and such

PEL Grants and such help a great deal from FAFSA


fun what u watching


Infinity war




the ending tho


why is it that when you get something delivered it always comes at like 4pm. They are delivering from early morning to late, why is it that I always end up on the short stick and get it delivered later. I’m just being impatient, but hey.


This happens to me all the time. Whenever something isn’t coming that I want, the mail arrives at noon. Whenever something is coming that I want? 4-5PM.


I get all my stuff no later than 12 PM…


I got it at a whopping 7pm


I tracked my package (a textbook) today and it said it would arrive, and was in my town at 11am, at 8pm I checked again since packages do come as late as probably 6pm sometimes, and it was instead dropped off at the post office to go out again tomorrow. Bleh sorry it arrived so late Nina


I hate being sick omfg