Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


Hey, if Angie gets it I don’t see why I can’t.


I mean you can

It’s more annoying to me and i expect better from a die hard themer


im a die hard themer and thats why i have many avatars in the first place


This was my first new avatar on here in 3 months


I still have my first SZ avatar


I try to switch it up monthly but I’m too strict with my profile so I don’t have the energy to overhaul it all everyweek


I consider the avatar to be an extension of one’s identity, which is why I never change mine.


i change it whenever i find something i like


Same goes for me too. Be it a new song, new game or some new crazy stuff I watched on YouTube influences my avatar.


I love this game too much to change mine


It’s really whatever I’m into at the moment, unless I force change it because I’m into nothing.

Getting hyped for RWBY atm


omg another RWBY fan it’s just another month away!!



Idk I’m more excited about this volume than most cause I realllllly need explanations


I’m interested to see what y’all are talking about. :eyes:

lol I’m not very far behind now.


cant wait to spend another 11ish hours at school tomorrow LOL


you’re ridiculously close


Your avatar is the best here. Period.


Also RWBY is so good!!! Remember getting into that so long ago


and I thought spending 7-8 hours was bad.

then again i did 13 hours every Wednesday like 3 years ago rip


im way happier on campus than i am just withering my life away at work all the time so i dont even mind lmao