Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!






I’m so confused by the pfp


My brain it does a confuse.


Well 121 topics to post in, wish me luck.


whats confusing


Your pfp changed three times and went from cutoff, to seemingly less cutoff to different all together, to back to original i think


Are you…rotating avatars or something? If not I think Dakota has broken something.


oh yeah it’s rotating avatars LOL

one of my avatars is less cut off because of its body posture/pose


Hey I want that too!


Oh makes sense, omg have fun aaron


I’ve not even started help me procrastination and Discord are too strong.


im going to make a perhaps poor decision and stay up until very late at night, barely get any sleep, and then suffer at work the next day

but it’s ok because i have tuesday off anyway

usually when it’s a slow day like a monday i dont really take it as seriously


Ok mostly cleared up, most of the topics are ancient as hell so not bothering with them.

Angie: noooooo don’t do that overall that’s not good for you, believe me that’s what I do all the time and I think I’m starting to feel it…

Speaking of, my feet and ankles are absolutely killing me after all the walking this weekend and also the powerwalking whilst completely off my tits. Help.


TFW I had a panic attack and thought I had no Bank Holiday today, but rather than checking at a sensible time I thought I’d do so now at 3AM, meaning if there wasn’t and I had to work I’d be truly boned right now.


I have a long day ahead of me. Class at 11 and then after that I go straight to work.

Yay money?


Exactly, think about the mad dolla.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here lazing away my public holiday. (:


Omg angie


Also I’m finishing up my first day at college today, a trainwreck, but a nice trainwreck if that makes sense, sums up my day


@Flower_Child can i hav a rotating avatar pls and ty


Pls no