Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


omg good luck !!!


ty!! my only hope is that math class doesnt suck ass

… actually my hope is that none of my classes suck ass, especially math

but actually mostly because this is the very first time im doing half-online half-on campus classes which is going to be A Mess


what kind of math?


at most, probably algebra

i need to take two algebra classes at most to satisfy my degree

so hopefully it isnt too irritating

(im actually not bad at math i just dont care for it/never really had good math teachers so)


Goddamn it’s mid August and I still haven’t applied for college


If you’re just now starting as a senior in high school, then there’s still plenty of time. And before you apply as well, you might want to consider visiting potential schools too.


I graduated back in May…


Well it’s never too late to apply. Just take a semester off and then apply for the upcoming spring term.


I finally got LED overhead lights and they look great.


I want to put multicolored LED strips in my room


i’ve wanted to do that forever but never got around to it


tfw there’s no point me decorating cause i won’t be in this room forever but i want to so bad



i always felt like my room is kinda too small to do much of anything with, sadly. gotta live with this boring paint and furniture and stuff. :c


I’m trying to figure out whether to put posters up or not, since I just painted and all


I share the room with my brother and it’s already small, so I can’t do really much, but I’d love to. Can’t wait to have my own room.


I have a lot of posters hanging in my room! And my walls are so covered that I can’t hang any more up :frowning:



ty @Flower_Child you’re amazing


lol it’s only on this one theme
everyone else sees it cut off for now


oh fuck

nevermind ignore my post guys it’s about nothing in particular dakota just fixed my avatar issues is all

(for me that is)