Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


I like my work shifts as they are, but I wish I had more hours.


I only get like…6 hours a day which is kinda irritating but w/e, as long as I have a decent paying job while I take classes.


I have a full 12 hour shift tomorrow, it’s free to anyone who wants it.

I desperately need a new job.


Omg hi limey

Also ugh that sucks gl with finding a new one in the future btw


worked a 9 hour shift today

we were down a few people which made work more painful than usual rip


My shift was only 4 hours today…

It was barely worth my time lol


two more days until my day off x.x

cant wait

also more like cant wait until my first paycheck disappears as soon as i get it cause bills rip


8 hour shifts comprising of 1 hour of work…

@Limey-chan I’ll happily swap


just woke up and my entire body is sore and i dont feel like going to work but i must aaaa


After a tough week, I now have one week off! :smile:


i have sunday/tuesday/wednesday off

need the latter two for school reasons anyway


i have about 3 weeks until my next semester starts yay
only summer break i’ll get since i had classes up until now :cry:


i just hope my math class doesn’t screw my schedule over

there’s the class itself and apparently we have a lab too

as long as the lab is scheduled on a tuesday or a thursday i dont care but it STILL hasnt be announced yet which bothers me


One more week until I start uni!


hello everyone

i hope you all have had a great day so far


Hey Angie!

It’s been pretty good, I got to read a bit today which was nice. How’s everyone else doing?


Just woke up. :slight_smile: The weather is pretty bad. Yesterday we had to go away a little earlier from the beach because a storm was about to hit.


I was at the beach the other day and there was a storm that looked like it was coming on shore. It never did, but they still closed the water access anyways.


Oh hi


ughh classes start in a week and a halfish and im nervous af