Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


Even then, it’s just one store and it’s literally in the northernmost part of the state as well. Kroger would never stand a chance down here because of how large Publix is, and for decades they have pretty much kicked Winn-Dixie to the curb.


Well that’s because Superfresh got sold to ACME Food Markets and renamed appropriately.


Ohhh, I see.


i keep forgetting publix is a thing




cause you know, walmart is everywhere and is like, cheaper


Publix has the best fried chicken in the south


And the best subs
and the best tea


idk like if there was a choice between publix and walmart and the former was just generally farther away, i’d just go to walmart more often than not

publix is if you actually have spare money for groceries and shit; they’re like an upper tier walmart but for the price conscious consumer like me id just go to walmart


I go to Publix for the subs and tea, not for groceries. If I needed groceries, I’d just hit up the Winn-Dixie by my house.


winn-dixie is still a thing??? jesus zach


Wal-Mart has the best cupcakes.


like legit i havent been to a winn-dixie since i was like… 12


one final exam down, one next week. this was the easy one.


ooo gl daks!


school is starting for me in two weeks im so nervous


I have 7 5 AM shifts coming up in the next 2 weeks at work. I am so dreading it but at least I won’t be closing as much


my shifts are literally always the same every day

12 to ~5:30 to 6 PM or so.

it’s nice for consistency reasons i guess


I hate midday shifts tbh. You don’t have much time to do stuff in the morning and it’s too late to do much when you get off. I prefer early morning or late evening overall


yeah i dont like midshifts in general but in this position you either work at 4 AM and get off at like 12 PM or so, or work the midshifts and finish at like 5 or 6 PM or whenever we’re all done with our work.

public transportation doesnt really work that early for me so i had no choice but to pick midshifts