Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


summer really does keep getting worse every year huh

yeah add me to the list of people who cant wait for the winter


I’m always running on Disney time, so Fall and thus Halloween always start for me in the middle of August.


Summer this year is horrifying, can it rain please?


has it not rained yet there??


3 weeks ago yes

Currently 89 F with no wind hehe, which for Buffalo is unbearable


wow thats awful

id actually like for it to stop raining for once LOL


I just came back from a night out with friends. While I was parking my car, I noticed that my neighbour’s kitten had jumped down from the balcony and had escaped. So I took her with me. I didn’t feel very comfortable in ringing his doorbell at 3am but it was necessary.
Sadly, I had to give her back, she’s so adorable. :heart:




Still waiting on Harris Teeter to call meeeeee :sob:




A grocery store lol


wow apparently there’s a harris teeter in Florida


They’re a rapidly growing chain from what I’ve heard. Really nice stores, energy conscious.


I’ve been in Maryland a few times and never saw one. Superfresh was the big thing down there.


Then again, Kroger’s not in Florida because we have Publix /shrug


Harris Teeter is Kroger.


Really? I live in Maryland and I’ve seen 3 Harris Teeters but I’ve never actually heard of Superfresh.


hello there


hiii <3