Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!

Today's Random Rambling - Safari Zone Edition!


I really did good with my well-being while up in Virginia, because it’s a much easier place to go out and walk around! When I got home, I found out I had lost 10 pounds, even with more eating (having lunch everyday, when I normally don’t eat lunch at home). And by now, all that lost weight is back, because where I live it’s hard to find a place to walk and stay fit, other than the gym.


hi everyone i have to give a technical presentation for school pls wish me luck


Good luck Daks!

What’s your presentation about?


a programming framework called rack
i know it pretty well but there’s this one kid in my class who asks the most annoying hard questions and im not looking forward to him


Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do great <3 hopefully the kid isn’t too annoying


tbh I’ve always wanted to give a lecture or something on programming. I think it’d actually be super fun!


it turned out great mostly bc my presentation had jokes


presenations are the worst for me


i really like them i just get nervous


i just get blackouts and then i want to stop existing


i want u to keep existing


but what if i already stopped existing


I feel kinda irritated because I completely forgot to order pizza cause I need something to eat before work and although we have lunch breaks we don’t really have anything to like… eat… so rip.

might just get something from a nearby gas station store before i head to work or something.




I always loved giving speeches in front of a class because I just sucked up all that attention.


I wasn’t really attracted from the idea of the whole class looking at me, but I wasn’t that bad. I just pulled it off in those times I had to give a presentation.


I always stumble on words during presentations -_-

However, my Powerpoints always come out beautiful!!


I cannot present for my life to anyone, unless its about something I am very knowledgeable about and it’s in English, not in Dutch


I’ve learned to kinda wing it in presentations

used to be terrified of them back in grade school but nowadays it’s like w/e


Well that’s the other thing, you have to be ready to improv on demand.