It’s weird cause we had many talks about tipping but it’s so different around the world. How is tipping in your country and how much do you tip usually? If you even have it that is.

Here in NY most tips are 18% minimally, so if you have a $30 bill that’s $5.50 about. This is mainly because the minimum wage for servers in New York is $8.65 while the minimum wage for all other work is $10. Most places in the U.S. actually have it this way since tipping has become so big here.


I tip about $5 on my $20-ish pizza orders.

Doing a calculation, that works out to be about 25% tip. :x I’m… pretty generous with tipping, I suppose. Mostly because I don’t want to be seen as an asshole for not doing it.


Tips are tipically a 10% of your order unless you went over $1000, then it kinda changes cos $100 tip is ridiculous.

I ordered something yesterday, about $720, paid with $800 and told him to keep the change.


I always hated tipping. It’s just an excuse for employers to get around minimum wage laws and nothing more.

Fortunately I don’t often get into situations where tipping is a thing though.


The only situations I tip in is when I’m dining out and I tip based on evaluated performance of the server. I do this mostly because I worked in a tipped position and became critical of performance because of that.

I tend to start with a 20% tip and based on performance, lower it.

Did the server greet my table within a timely manner?
Was the server friendly in the interactions they had with my table?
Did the server answer any questions I had? If the server didn’t know, did they seek the answer?
Did the server follow up at least three times to see if we needed anything, including refills?
Was the server readily available and present in the dining room?

Those are pretty much the only criteria I have for getting a 20% tip. Sometimes I tip more if the server was incredibly attentive, friendly, professional, etc. But a lot of the time, where I go, the server takes forever to greet us - takes our order, gets our drinks and then disappears for a follow up after we get our food - then disappears again only to reappear to give us our check and then disappear again.

Or I see them hanging with some of their coworkers despite having a busy section and the food runners, other servers, or even managers around the section tend to us more. In situations like that, I don’t tip at all.

The only situation where that doesn’t happen is if gratuity is already included in the check. Then I don’t tip any more than what’s included on my bill.