Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday


Take a look through your old art files are reflect. It can be funny because it was so long ago, or maybe there’s something really nice you had forgotten about.

Looking though college things right now, I miss how I was back then, even if I color completely differently.


edit: I MIGHT have had a type back then


Pulled all of these from my old DA

My style back then was basically look at a cool picture of a character or whatever that I liked and try to copy it as closely as possible.

There were a few pieces (namely, the Butterfly Rhino I drew for a friend, the laughing one done for class homework, and the Pandora Hearts and Ed Elric in glasses done for DA contests) where I kind of…got hit with this like sudden inspiration and didn’t wanna stop drawing because it was so fun, so I actually made them sorta my own instead of just a copy of someone else’s work.

Thankfully now, I’m using reference pictures as just that. References. As a guideline and not as a reminder of what my drawing should look exsctly like.