Three new themes!

Three new themes!


Hi! Today we have three new themes for you all. You might have gotten the chance to try some of these when they were in alpha, but now they’re complete! Click on the theme names to preview them (make sure to open in a new tab or they will not change properly) , and switch your default theme using the “preferences -> interface” tab on your profile!

These themes were created by me, @Nina, and @Juno who made all the logos.


"Wobb of Shadows. …As if “Shadow Tag” wasn’t a good-enough name already. -w-


I hate Wobbuffet but Wobb of Shadow is my favourite colour scheme…it’s looking at me :expressionless:


i reckon we can make another dark blue theme w/o the wobb memes lol
maybe a wailord swimming in the deep sea? :open_mouth:


Dark/Water like Sharpedo would be very cool and fitting, too!


Wobb of Shadows is the best. Better than the default dark theme. Just switched over. The other new themes were nice too but I gotta have a dark theme to keep my sanity.


…Or you can try for a shooting star theme featuring Jirachi…