The United States Midterms

The United States Midterms


The United States Midterms

With the Midterms now almost over, let’s discuss the possible implications and what you thought of the overall outcome, and what is to actually come.

Before the US Midterms, Republicans held 33 of 50 state governorships. During the Midterms democrats flipped seven republican held governor seats in Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The race in Georgia remains too close to call and in Florida, a recount was ordered.

House of Representatives:
Democrats gained 27 seats in the House of Representatives, and are awaiting recounts currently. Republicans successfully flipped two seats.

Democrats gained 1 seat in the Senate and Republicans gained 3.

The House of Representatives now is Democrat controlled while the Senate remains in Republican-controlled.

  • What was your reaction to the midterms? Was the “blue wave” as large as you thought it would be?

  • Are there any races you are disappointed in? Or are you still hoping for any results to change with recounts and some races still being too close to call?

  • What do you feel the impact of the Midterms this year will have on United States politics in general?

  • Do you have any thoughts on the belief that the House flipping blue this year may have significant implications for gerrymandered districts?

Chill out just got less chill

I was hoping for more Dems to come in given how stressed the importance of voting during this time was. Although, I know several people in my family who still don’t vote, so that’s definitely one of our problems right there. I am glad that we did make some progress though. I am holding out for those recounts, but I think at this point we know where we stand, so we just need to prepare for the next elections.

These elections I feel and hope will push for more action on the Presidential election. We’ve all seen what’s happened since the last one, and we can’t hope to change anything unless we’re willing to go out there and make the difference. Hoping that the results from the Midterm will sway the people that abstain from voting and the people who vote Third Party to take bigger strides next time.