The Spooky 13 Days Of Halloween Challenge

The Spooky 13 Days Of Halloween Challenge


Day 11: Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie, a Christmas movie, or both?

Both but if I had to choose I’ve viewed it before as Christmas as it’s a nice break away from the usual. But technically speaking it’s a Halloween movie as it was released October 13th


Day 11… I see it more as a halloween movie, but it does cover both aspects well enough to be either or both at the same time.


4: If you did Trick-or-Treat, when did you stop?
I stopped last year actually as my group of friends that I usually went with started just doing hang-outs on Halloween.

5: What is your favorite kind of candy?
My favorite has to be Skittles or Sweethearts. I loveee sour candy! Skittles is just really good as well.

6: Is Halloween your favorite candy-based holiday?
I would say yes, as it’s the only one I know of that I celebrate and is based around candy.

7: Have you ever carved or do you like carving pumpkins? If so, what is your favorite part?
I used to carve pumpkins with my family when I was much younger, but over time we just didn’t want to have to throw out a moldy pumpkin after a week. My favorite part had to be the scooping out of the insides and then roasting the pumpkin seeds!

8: Have you ever been to a Halloween event at an amusement/theme park?
Nope, I absolutely hate jump scares.

9: Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
No. I don’t really have much of a reason besides science doesn’t prove them? It’d be cool, but I doubt they exist.

10: Do you like horror movies? Why or why not?
Nopppeee. I don’t have much, if any, of a tolerance for being scared of anything, so I don’t do well while watching horror movies or thrillers tbh. I can watch older horror movies like Carrie and Freddy Krueger though compared to modern ones like Insidious. Had to listen to the screams and noises of the complete SAW series one time in middle school and so I think I’ve got my fill of psychological and screamer horror as well.

11: Is Night Before Christmas a Halloween movie, a Christmas movie, or both?
I would say both, although slightly more Halloween leaning due to the main characters that the story centers around.


12.) Have a favorite October/Halloween themed song?


12.) Have a favorite October/Halloween themed song?

trumpets intensify


Day 12: Have a favorite October/Halloween themed song?

I’m sorry, but it’s true lol


Day 12: Have a favorite October/Halloween themed song?

What spaggy said


Day 13: Have any fun or scary memories from previous Halloweens?

Lots of little fun memories from trick-or-treating with friends. I do remember this one guy coming out from behind a truck with a chainsaw to scare us, but I can’t remember if we fell for it or not lol


13.) Have any fun or scary memories from previous Halloweens?

Most fun I have had related to Halloween has always been before Halloween. Haunted hayride, Halloweekends at Cedar Point, etc.


Day 12… As tempted as I am to pick “This is Halloween” lol, I think I’ll go with a different song that may or may not be Halloween-themed by the game it’s associated with alone lol (and even then, I wouldn’t explicitly say it’s a horror game or a strict halloween one)

Day 13… Once I thought someone sitting at a chair was a prop, and got spooked when they started moving.


13.) Have any fun or scary memories from previous Halloweens?

Back when I was in college, the college set up this awesome Halloween party. I went with some people from my class, and after a while of hanging out at the party, we decided to go to the college gardens. They were pretty huge, with a small wooded area, a large picnic area, and even a hedge maze. We’d hang out there during lunch so we knew our way around, but it was completely pitch black, so it was pretty spooky. One of us had the genius idea of playing a game of Zombie Hide n’ Seek, which turned out to be terrifyingly fun, especially in the forest part of the garden.

After a while, we got bored of that, too. We were trying to think of ways to make this Halloween as memorable as possible, and one of my friends suggested, “What if we round up as many people as we can and bring them here?” It was so insane, but it worked. We came back to the main party and started telling people to come to the gardens. It was mostly of people from my class and the lower level classes of the same course, but like a group of 50 or 60 of us leg it to the garden. Holy shit, it was an absolute nightmare. It didn’t take lecturers long to come and chase us out, but the scary part is only 20 of us came out of the gardens. I have no idea what happened to the other 30 or 40 people :dyinglol:


Day 13: Have any fun or scary memories from previous Halloweens?
Nothing scary really, but i used to host a Halloween party every year and those were a blast. We even froze a glove mold filled with water and stretched each finger to make the ice look like a flooting hand in our punch bowl one year. Good times.

Actually yes I was frightened at that party technically, the punch was splashing everywhere. And it does NOT get it out easily hehehe


12: Have a favorite October/Halloween song?
I don’t really listen to Halloween songs, so all I really know is Thriller mostly.

13: Have any fun or scary moments from
previous Halloweens?

I’ve had only one overly scary moment which I remember. Back in middle school, the school changed campuses and the old one became abandoned and also a place of gang or drug activities. My group of friends, we were all about 11 years old that year I think, thought it’d be a great idea to try and see if we could get to the school through its back entrance which is kinda hidden in an overgrown alley of sorts and leads to the back fields to dare each other to run across the fields and back.
Although the fence was locked, there was this hole cut into the fence next to which we went through. We barely got in, when a police car about 500 feet away along the fence to the left in the fields turns on its headlights and starts slowly driving towards us. We bolt real quickly out of there and down the street scared that we were going to be mistaken for some drug dealers or something and get arrested. We probably wouldn’t have been, but we also weren’t supposed to go down dark patheays since the neighborhood wasn’t the best.
That was the scariest and stupidest moment from my Halloweens xD
The most fun moments were probably the candy trading we always did after coming back to someone’s house. It was amazing, we’d have all our candy laid out in front of us in little piles and barter woth each other for favorites and trade out ones we didn’t like. I generally really enjoyed Halloween.


I’m going to make my thank you post early this time around, since we are immediately launching into another challenge once the clock strikes midnight, but, yes, thank you to everyone who participated in this shorter than usual challenge!

Every one of these is a learning experience, to see what types of questions people expounded on the most, and what types of questions people didn’t seem that interested in. We have at least two more of these planned (the one starting tonight and one in December), and after that we’ll take a bit of a break to let you relax and not have to worry about answering questions every day. :sweat_smile:

And as always, if you answered all 13 questions, and did not get your shiny Pumpkaboo, please let me know as soon as possible, and we will make you whole.

So yeah, thanks for participating, and see you for the next one!


A little bit delayed, but I’ll finish up the challenge anyways :eyes:

12.) Have a favorite October/Halloween themed song?

I’m afraid I have to say that “This is Halloween” really is the only Halloween song I know, I know it’s cheesy but this IS Halloween, soooo… ;3

13.) Have any fun or scary memories from previous Halloweens?

A lot of times Halloweens just meant either going to people’s houses for candy, or going to a friend’s house and helping to hand it out, nothing really standing out. Although, the last Halloween I can remember, some friends and I got together and watched Over the Garden Wall and got super creeped out by the whole series. Probably the most memorable Halloween for me to date. (I think I posted this Day One, but oops, I haven’t gotten around enough to get that many Halloween stories)